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Hello everyone. I Have been backwards and forwards to hospital and the doctors since September. For years I had problems with a contraceptive implant which I had removed beginning of last year. I got put on a pill that didn't help with my problems. I got recommended to have a mariner coil fitted and when I went for a fitting they found a cervical ectropion in the neck of my womb. I had it treated and tried the coil fitting again. The gp then told me I had a lot of scarring through the neck of my womb and she had trouble fitting the coil so I got sent for an ultrasound. About a month or so ago I had the ultrasound and they found I have an extremely tilted womb ... Nearly pro lapsing and a small cyst on my left ovary. She has now referred me to hospital to have a camera put down to see what is causing this but has mentioned it being possible endometriosis as I have suffered back pain throughout all this. I'm still waiting for an appointment at the hospital but I'm in a bit of a panic as I have never gone through any sort of surgical procedure or anything like this. I am 21 and a beauty therapist. It's got to a stage where I find im depressed have lack of energy and it affects my work. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or support? My partner has stuck by me but obviously it's hard to talk to him about what I'm experiencing as it's hard for him to understand. Thank you in advance. Any help will be appreciated.


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  • Hi there, the only way to diagnose endo is through a laparoscopy , so to check for endo this is what you would need, Im only 20 and have endo , so I know it's hard to deal with , I was panicked about having surgery but it's not as bad as you might think and on the plus side it can help you get further ahead with diagnosis and treatment. I don't know anyone else with endo or anything like it so no one really understands , my husband is very supportive but it's also hard for him to understand, I think the best course of action is sitting down and taking time to talk and help one another understand, as each of you will have you own frustrations so I think communication personally is key , and the other ladies on here have lots of great advice and also are very supportive and of course they understand! X Goodluck with everything x

  • Hello, I also have a tilted uterus and also was told last year I had erosion of the cervics, but that shouldn't be causing me any pain, the tilted uterus could cause painfull sex because of what it's hitting when penetration accrues, I'm awaiting my first laporoscopy as my gyne suspects endometreosis and or adenomyosis, should be in March, it's a horrid pain on a daily basis, and that in turn has an effect on every part of my life, I hope we both get some answers soon, good luck xxx

  • It sounds like we're in the same boat. Thank you for your reply. It's good to know I'm not alone. I get pain during and after sex it's awful. I feel guilty on my partner as it does put me off and he thinks it's his fault I'm in pain. It's hard to get him to understand but he does in some areas x

  • It's very hard, I've never been a major lover of sex, but I'm scared of it now, I suffer more after, do you have daily pain and painfull periods, x

  • Hi I'm 23 an going through the same thing I av the op on 23rd march an I can't wait just to find an answer to all this awful pain!! I have bad periods now an pain comes an goes when it likes. I get a lot of pain right side and in my back had all scans an all clear I also av a ectropion cervix. I get pain during intercourse an the last time actually bled after which has scared me. My other half is really hard to talk to he's always there for me hosp appoints and everything but he just thinks I'm going on abit cause I do worry far too much... X

  • I usually bleed a bit during and after sex. Not anything major just spotting. I get period pain pretty much every day for the last few weeks although I haven't been on my period or been due on. I've had back pain severely since September time and I started having physio to help as I'm a beauty therapist so it does affect my job quite badly. It's soo hard to know what to do whilst sitting around waiting. I just find I have no energy anymore yet at night I struggle to sleep. X

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