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Endo & ovarian cyst



I see my consultant today who says I have a chocolate cyst on my ovary, which is stuck to my bowel. She said to try microgynon for 3 months, she said I could have an op but there is no guarantee she wouldn't puncture my bowel and end up with a colostomy bag. I have had cyst for 3 years now, had lap 3 years ago aswell. I have severe endometriosis

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With any surgery there is always going to be a risk however if ur bowe is involved then u really need a bowel surgeon aswell and u should prob be seen at a bsge centre because they are trained specifically for endometriosis x

hi. Hope you're having a good. I also had a cyst, it was on my right ovary and it was attached to my bowel and misdiagnosed for a while. Are you in alot of pain with it? My chocolate cyst ruptured and I was very poorly but I got referred to a bsge centre and the specialist was brilliant. Yes there is risk to every surgery but he did an amazing job m, removed the cysts and dealt with the various complications that popped up to. If you can get yourself to a specialist for a second opinion you may get different advice, I was told by my local hospital I would need a hysterectomy, the specialist said it was only down to their lack of experience and thanks to him we've just started on the ivf journey. Xx

Hi Tillyfloss please could you pm me with what surgeon you saw for your op?


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