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No diagnosis yet


Hi all. I am taking tamoxifen and 75mg aspirin as prevention for breast and colon cancer and awaiting a us scan as have had lower left abdominal pain and 6 days of breakthrough bleeding.

Have been prescribed tranexamic and naproxen.

I read that tamoxifen can increase endometriosis, but i don't have a definitive diagnosis yet.

We also have ovarian cancer in the family.

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Hi there,

So sorry to hear you're in pain. There are many of us here who can symapthise so much with continuous abdominal pain.

Make sure you shout politely to the GP and ask if some investigations can be done.

I comment regularly on this forum and also My Ovacome for ladies with Ovarian Cancer.

I had major surgery last year for Endo/Ovarian Cancer. Fortunately, though this is still a very painful disease, Endometriosis is more common than the latter.

There is lots of fantastic information on the website and also a brilliant helpline for any concerns.

I do hope you get the support you need very soon.

Best wishes,Clare

Red75 in reply to CJR99

Thank you x

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