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no diagnosis yet?

so since i have had my daughter a year and a half ago i have had nothing but problems. been back and forth to the drs after a year they referred me to a gynaecologist ( only because i had been bleeding for a year and sex is painful) so i got a coloscopy couldnt find anything last night i typed in my symptoms and up came endrometriosis (the only thing i dont get is painful periods just v bad back pain) i have another coloscopy booked for a couple weeks time should i go back to the doctors or just wait till i see my gynaecologist and get coloscopy? sorry for the huge story!!

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At first I didn't have a lot of a pain only when I was on period but one month was always worse than the month before.

Do you have pain in your side? I had pain in my right side like a stabbing pain all the time. And only recently I have had pain during sex and have to stop then I feel so bad :-( but likely my other half understands

I would go your doctors and ask for a scan if not then speak to your gynaecologist about it as they need to do a lap and see what's going on Hun

Hope this helps

LauraLou x


You definitely need a laparoscopy, the only way to find Endo. My main symptom is lower back pain, just like period pain, dull, nagging, dragging, aching, heavy only I have had it EVERY for 6 months now. I am not saying this is what you have but I have Endo on both uterosacral ligaments (these suspend the uterus in place and become stretchy etc during pregnancy (you say your problems started after pregnancy so wondering if there is a link).

This is just an idea, a suggestion, but please do push your doctor for a Lap xxx




thanks guys i was at doctors today for another reason but he says tto wait and speak to the dr and explain all my symptoms as my gynaecologist has never asked about all my symptoms, my friend has just been diagnosed with endrometriosis and when she said about the symptoms i was like omg . i have been getting pain in my right leg for the past couple of months, i have had also trouble with my bowels and bladder but the dr seems to think this is ibs?? anyone got.this problem to as i read that this can be another symptom.


In the meantime, keep a daily diary of your symptoms, bleed/pain/where pain/strong, mild/medication etc., as you often forget to put this across during your appointment and it can be helpful for your doc/gynae. xx


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