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Laparoscopy pain

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Hey.. so yesterday i went through a nearly 4 hour surgery removing my endometriosis as much as they could. I am in so so much pain today, I can barely even move. All ive been given is some paracetamol, ibrofuen and cocodomol.. however i can only take one cocodomol as it makes me sick if i take two. Where my stitches are is also stinging.

I dont know if the pain is so bad today because the hospital pain killers wore off, or if its because i woke up and obviously hadnt taken tablets all night. It feels like if i move my muscles are i guess falling over and stretching but its this intense pain. Am i just a big wuss or did anyone else find this almost unbearable? X

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You’re not a big wuss at all! It’s a major surgery and it is bound to hurt so don’t feel weak for being in pain. After my first lap I wasnt given any pain relief (had to buy paracetamol) and was fine except from the trapped wind pain but it’s different for everyone. After this lap I’ve been really unwell so it can even change with the same person.

Rest up and hope your pain gets better soon! X

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clynch96 in reply to D3107

Thank you for replying! See, luckily my trapped wind is only in my rib and shoulder, and again, luckily its only when im fully upright. Which to be fair, its only when im going to the toilet. It just feels like my stomachs been completely rumbled and whenever i move or turn everythings banging into each other 😔 hard to describe lol. This is only day 2 so hopefully it will pass x

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D3107 in reply to clynch96

My wind pain went after a few days, try to sit at an angle as it caused me less pain doing that. It will pass, your body is just putting itself back together and coming off the medication from hospital. Hope you have a speedy recovery! X

Hi D3107 wishing you a speedy recovery. I have not had my op yet so can’t comment. Hope you start to feel better soon x

Thanks! They removed one of my tubes and removed several cysts as well as endo so it’ll take a while but getting there. Good luck with your op! If you’ve got any questions about it just message me as I’ve now had 2 ops x

Thank-you 💕this site is fab! Actually getting to speak to people who have been through it all. Girl power or what! Sounds like you have been through a lot, take time to recover & hope you have people to look after you & spoil you throughout your recovery x

It is a good help as it has people who actually get it! Oh I am doing, thank you x

I’m afraid this is normal it will be a combo of hospital pain killers wearing off and prolonged period of no medications while you were asleep. Get the meds in regularly whether your in pain or not! Hot water bottle and relaxation breathing.

Remember they did fairly major surgery through keyhole so you will be in pain. Everything inside is bruised and reacting to it.

Sorry but it will ease. You do need to take the edge of and then start moving around as it will help ease the pain.

Best wishes and don’t be disheartened.

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clynch96 in reply to ccsmith

Thank you! To be honest im glad its normal, i was worried i was just being a crybaby! This is only day 2 so hopefully it will pass in time x

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ccsmith in reply to clynch96

It will I promise. Your looking at a few weeks for things to be more comfortable.

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weekari in reply to ccsmith

I agree with keeping the pain killers topped up. I hate taking medication and was only taking mine when it was sore but by that point I was in agony. I think once you're in pain, your body starts to tense and that creates more pain.

Just be careful though, your cocodamol will have paracetamol in them so don't take with more paracetamol.

My lap was just exploratory and I was in so much pain. I think after about 3 days it started to calm down. Hopefully you're almost through the worst of it 🤞🏻

And even if you do experience more pain than others, you're not a wuss! Be kind to yourself, you've just had major surgery!


You’re not a wuss at all no. I was also told to just take similar tablets but I was in so much pain I was taking my pre op pain killers, luckily I got stocked up from my GP before I went in. It could be worth calling them to see if they can give you anything else.

I also found using lots of pillows/cushions a major help! I’m 9 weeks post op now and I’m still sleeping with a pregnancy pillow I brought 😂. Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

P.s. please listen to your body and rest! I know I was itching to try and do too much too soon and kept comparing myself to my first op.

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