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So I had the dreaded phone call today that im due for my laparoscopy on the 4th April, they have booked me in for my pre op tomorrow so i can get my ca-125 test aswell...

I am worrying with how im going to feel after the op as I also have other health conditions so im worrying with the pain an how my body is going to respond.. Im wondering if anyone knows any home techniques or anything i can buy which will make the trapped gas not make me in as much as pain after and hopefully recover abit faster..... Also how long did anyone else take off work to recover?

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Peppermint tea was my helper with trapped gas as well as walking slowly and hot water bottles.


Perfect will be buying the tea... thank you x


Hi leanne,

The peppermint tea is really good advice it works wonders for the traped gas as does moving around every now and then to release the gases. I also brought mint humbugs they helped me with the trapped gas and they taste great. Also make sure u have plenty of paracetamol and ibuprophen for when you come home then its all ready. The hospitsal will more than likely discharge you with some pain relief they give me codiene but i only needed it for a few days. I would also advise bringing a pillow to put in between you and the seatbelt for your journey home and some loose fit clothing. Everyone's revovery is different but my personal experience was i had 2 weeks off work i felt much better into week 2 and was fine returning to work on week 3. I hope it all goes really well for you and you get the answers you are looking for :) xx


I had a lap a week and a half ago, only diagnostic though so no actual work done so recovery has been quite quick, although I still feel shattered!! As people have already said, peppermint tea and mint humbugs worked well, I also got windezz tablets (not sure on spelling sorry!) I was told to rest as much as possible but to also get up every hour and have a walk around to help the gas get moving. I just had paracetamol and ibuprofen for the first few days then pain was gone. I also made sure all the things I needed for the first few days were easily accessible so I didn't need to do too much bending etc. It's so different for everyone though, so listen to your body and take time to recover properly, it's amazing how exhausting little things can feel! I went to tescos a few days after, felt shattered within 5 mins and went home and slept for the rest of the day! Best of luck with everything X


I was fine the same day no big deal but my periods are worse then ever but now only last 3 days


I have other health conditions that's why I'm worried how I'm going to be after..... I only have 1 day periods now


I couldn't stand the taste of peppermint tea so brought some windeze tablets.

I found being propped up with pillows & one under my legs and bum helped me get comfy - I tried to get out of bed and have a gentle walk downstairs or around upstairs every hour or so.

I was back to work 2 & a half weeks later, looking back I wasn't quite ready. It all depends on the extend of your surgery, how your recovery goes and what job you do x

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I didn't really have much wind pain at all... just a slight ache by my right collar bone similar to if I drink a fizzy drink too fast. So you might not have too much of a problem with that.

I recommend a plug in heating pad (they're like a mini electric blanket) rather than a hot water bottle... means you don't have to keep getting up and filling the kettle!! I did find bending and lifting quite painful for around ten days so used mine a lot.


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