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Laparoscopy today

Hi there,

This post may seem early and like I'm being paranoid but I'm quite concerned about how I'm doing. I had a laparoscopy today at 12 and didnt get out of the hospital untill 8 because I was in an incredible amount of pain after the operation and they basically knocked me back out to help with the pain. I felt very sick but had absoloutly no energy to be sick and very very shivery but felt hot. On changing to go home I saw I had bled through my hospital pad, gown and the layers on the bed. I dont think the nurse saw this before I left because i wrapped it all up. I got home slept for a few hours but cannot get back off now. I've bled through again and feel very shakey hot/cold again and again in such severe pain. They didnt find endometriosis or adhesions in me instead they found a severe pelvic infection that had spread to my vagina. I have no idea if the laparoscopy has made this worse or its the laparoscopy itself that has caused this. My mum was quite concered because i have become very pale. I wondered what you reccomend I do if anything? Is this normal to be feeling this ill, be in this much pain and be bleeding quite so much? I'm a bit worried

Hope someone can help


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I would call the gynae ward - they should be staffed 24hrs a day. Ask their advice about whether they want you back in. They will have a better idea of what procedures were carried out and whether any would cause substantial bleeding. Normally a diagnostic lap would not cause a great deal of vaginal bleeding - some is possible but not much.

If you had any work done in the vagina and cervix then that may have caused a bleed too.

From what you have said they clearly did check the extent of infection by saying it had reached the vagina.

Perhaps you have had a colposcopy procedure done, or biopsy taken from various locations which again would be bleeding till they heal over.

Were on your period already at the time of the op - or is it due in a the next few days as the disruption of the surgery may have triggered it to kick off or intensify.

another factor is were you at risk of a DVT during the op - did you get given Warfarin Clexane or any other blood thinning drugs the day before surgery or during surgery...the hosp can tell you that - and if you did have a blood thinner that would also account for a heavy bleed that won't stop.

The phone number for the ward should be written on your hosp discharge paper and probably on the letters you were sent inviting you to a pre-op appointment.

Post op pain is normal - not only from the infection, but from the surgery and moving the organs round to see whats going on and mostly from the trapped CO2 gas which will in the hours ahead rise up to diaphragm and cause a lot of shoulder pain. Keep on top of the pain killers and don't let them run out before topping up.

Hope you feeling better soon.


Hi Hannah, I am writing because many years ago, I was about your age, I had a laparoscapy. Asmall incision is made through your belly button, it is an exploratory operation. You will have pain after, and feel tender there for a long time. It is best that you get as much rest as possible. If you continue to bleed heavily, and are in more pain than you can tolerate ( after a usual dose of paracetamol, say ), then you should contact your doctor immediately. The stitches will take time to heal, and remember; you have had an operation, so be easy on yourself. I hope that helps in some way. :)


Oh no I hope you're okay! It sounds awful :( I've got my first lap and a hysteroscopy on Monday and I'm seriously considering cancelling it. I'm sick enough as it is! This would send me over the edge. I feel anxious even reading about what you're going through. Got everything crossed for you and hope u start to feel better soon xxxxx


Hi Hannah I had a laparoscopy in February this year. I was in awful pain afterwards but had no bleeding. It was very painful for me to move my stomach muscles. If you're at all concerned ring the hospital or GP.


Hi everyone thank you so much for replying sorry im answering so late!

I rang 111 the morning after posting this and they adviced me that i needed to be seen within 2 hrs or an ambulance would be sent so i managed to get a last min dctrs appointment. My blood pressure was very low and heart rate very high so they sent me back to a&e. An assistant to my sugan came to see me who said that during surgery they found it very difficult to get 'in' so clamped open the opening to my womb and i bled a lot during surgery so it was expected this carry on- wish they had told me that in the first place!!

Hinesm- did you go through with it? How did it all go? I hope youre feeling okay! Sorry i didnt see this sooner!!!


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