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Thank you all for sharing!


I’m 4 years undiagnosed since first child birth with similar symptoms and although I may Not have endo. I feel comfort reading these posts as I can relate so much to all of your pain and suffering!

I have pelvic pain (maybe PSD from 18 month ago second pregnancy still?) mostly on left side, subtle chronic pain on lower right abdomen, abnormal bowels (along with urgency and pain and bleeding, chronic internal anal fissure that Botox injection helped for only 6 mos., pruritis ani on/off). I’ve done a colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, passed a SIBO test and a Geneva diagnostics stool test (malabsorption and lipase low, pancreas blood test later said it is fine)..scopies show inflamation and one showed signs of maybe ulcerative proctitis.

Ultrasound showed no cysts and 1 polyp and am getting mirena next week to see if symptoms subside and discuss polyp. If not, next step is a ct scan and possibly the “menopause” drug to see if I feel better and further out, laparoscopic surgery if all else fails to give answers.

Love & strength to you all! 💚

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