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Massive Thank you

I went to see an endometriosis specialist today who is associated with one of the endometriosis clinics. It was the best £150 I have ever spent. He was amazing and just listened to me. Said there's no question about it, I have endometriosis. Said there's no point having a diagnostic laparoscopy with general gynaecology. He's referring me to the endometriosis clinic in Cardiff. Have to have transvaginal ultrasound thingy too. The waiting list for surgery on NHS is 9 months which is a bit rubbish but I'm not complaining too much as I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

He suspects deep infiltrating endo of the bladder and bowel. Which im not surpised about to be honest. Wanted the names of the gynacologists i have previously seen and actually rolled his eyes and what they previously diagnosed me with. He also said 4 out of 5 people who have the endo removed it doesn't come back. that is most reassuring thing I've heard.

Anyway without this message board I would have never, ever have considered paying to see this guy privately. so thank you to everyone here who suggested doing this because it has made a huge difference. I now know whats wrong and i can stop going crazy with it all and self-doubting all my symptoms.

Once again Thank you all xxxxxxx

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So glad to see you've got somewhere! Next steps, road to recovery! Xx


It sounds so weird to say I'm so happy that I have endo, but its better than being told there is nothing wrong with you and its all in your end. I can honestly feel the worry and stress of the last few years lifting off my shoulders. Feel like opening the window and shouting out 'I'M NOT CRAZY ANYMORE!!!!!' hahaa


I know that feeling! I had my first lap 2 weeks ago and it was confirmed I have Endo. I saw a doctor a few years ago who told me it was just normal period pains and for years I've thought I was crazy! So to finally get a diagnosis is a weight off your shoulders because you now know why your in pain. Wishing you all the best for your treatment xx


Exactly the same here. Seen normal gynaes for years and it was only thorough research on here and bloody minded determination that made me seek out my nearest specialist centre and the surgeon there with endo specialist after his name. Had to wait an age but it was well worth it. He did diagnosis and removal in single 3hr surgery and have had great after care so far too, although pain is still hard at mo.

Feel like years of pain and feeling like a whinging wimp have gone. At least I know what I'm dealing with and I'm not going loopy. It's the best feeling I've had about my health for ages. Mentally positive even though it hurts.

Best of luck with your progress x

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its astounding how much this not only affects us all physically but also mentally.

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