Searching for competent surgeon!

Hi, I'm new to this group and the reason I joined is I'm searching for a surgeon to perform a laparoscopy...and advice from you lovely ladies...THE EXPERTS!!

Long story short: diagnosed in 2009 stage 3 endometriosis on both ovaries and chocolate cysts on both ovaries adhesions lots of scar tissue prob from my c sec in 1998.. Couldn't reach all of it...was told have a baby it will make u better!

2012 had baby boy he's gorgeous by c sec (I know I'm one of the lucky ones it didn't affect ,my fertility) horrendous painful pregnancy awful labour emergency c sec again, having a baby did not cure me... But he is a beautiful gift xx

2013 mirena coil fitted to try and ease my pain... Made me worse and very angry not a nice person!! Had polyp biopsy

2014 diagnosed with candida apparently this is causing my pain not the endo?? Go on strict diet etc lose lots of weight feel worse than ever!!!! Need coil out could be causing the candida?

March 2015 see Dr Thacker at Nuffield Brentwood Essex nhs, most brief consultation I've ever had I felt uneasy with him should have listened to my gut!

He tells me I have no endometriosis... Removed coil and did smear test... So what's my pain then I ask? He shrugs shoulders walks out!!! 😡😡😡😡 I shout after him to come back... He said I don't know maybe it's the dilated veins (never heard of this?)

You had those... Go see your gp for HRT. Walks out again he made me feel like a piece of 💩 excuse my French!!

I've tried fighting this with diet and supplements and cranial therapy etc... But can't take the pain anymore and the fatigue and feel like a rubbish mum and wife (to be).

Can ANYONE please recommend a decent surgeon that is competent in the Essex area that I can ask to be referred to please? I'm getting married in December after a 12 year engagement coz I just never feel well enough to go ahead with it! I've just turned 40 and don't wanna get married too old!!


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  • Kimmie I don't know if going private is an option for you, or if you would be prepared to go outside of Essex, but Natalia Price in Oxford is one of the leading surgeons in the country for this. Your GP might be able to refer you under the choose and book system.

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it xxx

  • Dr Chris Mann Birmingham priory hospital - best doctor I've ever had in my life wish I'd seen him sooner. Keeps in touch with me throughout my recovery and whenever I go back into hospital!

  • Thank u for taking to the time to reply to me I really appreciate it xx

  • Hi - we are not allowed to name specialists on the main forum so the previous posts may be removed if spotted, but click on my name and look at my post on how to get a referral to a specialist centre. We don't know how accurate the staging is but the NHS England contract requires stage 3 endo to be dealt with only in a specialist centre. However they accept all stages and as you are in England you can see anyone you want under NHS Choices.

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it, I am following your post and have checked out the websites you have listed (couldn't get onto 2 of them) and I feel more confident approaching my non understanding GP now I'm armed with but more info xx

  • Hi - I have now updated the links that no longer worked (the ESHRE guidelines) - many thanks for letting me know. x

  • You have the right under nhs choices to see the consultant of your chock I think. I would also strongly consider compaining in writing about the treatment you have received. Consultants, doctors etc should have basic people skills and you have been treated very poorly. Putting in a formal complaint following the hospitals guidelines may help him to improve his bedside manner when dealing with future clients. You may also want to check out pals. I was treated badly in the past by more than 1 doctor and wish I had complained. Hope this helps

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply me I appreciate it xx

  • Thank you for your replies, didn't realise we wasn't allowed to name surgeons 😬 I just thought if I could be recommended one by you guys that have been there it would help (and you all have helped!) me massively.... Thank you all again, xxx ☺️

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