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I don't live in the UK, I'm from the Caribbean, but for about two years now I have been dealing with horrible period pains. So it turns out I have Fibroids but the pain after reading up on Endo seems to be more symptomatic of it, as many other Endo symptoms I have. I actually use to experience this discomfort from my teenage years but after having two kids and being 38 it has tremendously gotten worse. My Dr mentioned possibly Endo but we did nothing for a difinitive diagnosis. The pain starts in on side of my but and near my vagina on one side only. The pain would have me in tears. I was put on Depo for the fibroid and it seemed to help those symptoms only the Depo put alot of weight on and I spot for weeks so I was put on Noristerat. That agreed with me more but I feel the symptoms more than I did with the Depo. I am reading a book about healing Endo naturally and found that cutting out gluten and eating more fruits and vegetables organic has helped since my last break through bleeding symptoms were not as horrible. I took an Aleve and it helped with pain for a few days. I have an appointment to see an OBGYN in the US next month but I am apprehensive about the solutions Medical Drs give. I hate the idea of surgery, reading your post helps me because I'm like other women understand, it's not on my head. Pray for me on this journey of healing as I pray for you.

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Praying always. We all can relate and its not in your head. This is real. Don't let anyone make you feels it's not. We have your back💜💜💜💜💜💜

Thank you so much 💜

😁😁good morning. up early due to rough night going to the bathroom like I had a bladder infection. Your welcome. All of our stories sound similar. I too thought changing eating habits would help. Avoided caffeine (I love coffee), avoided dairy(I love ice cream) and avoided getting to full. The depo made me want to eat everything in the house when I got on it last October and I put on weight. Just took my last shot a few weeks ago. Glad that's over and surgery Friday because that shot is no joke with putting weight on. I use to take aleve and Tylenol together sometimes. Surprised I still have good organs. Ibuprofen became my best friend also. But now the pain lingures with no comfort anymore from nothing. Only things to relax me to take my mind off the pain like a heating pad and pillows tucked under my body. Then I'm paralyzed in one spot holding my urine because I scared to move due to how comfortable I was. Girlie I can really, well we all can really relate. One more day on my countdown after today. Pray hysterectomy works. Will keep you posted. But keep your head up. Much love to you💜💜💜💜💜💜 you will find help when you think you can't take it anymore hold on.

Yes please do let me know how you are doing. Yes that sounds much like me... Needing to find a comfortable spot not wanting to move, the pain meds.. Wow. I'll be praying you have an easy surgery and speedy recovery.

Like I said before I crossing out the days like I'm on death row getting g ready to be released. I pray to God this surgery is not a disappointment. But at least its a start. 🌝

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