Negative Ultrasound

I had been referred for an pelvic ultrasound scan after going to the Drs with my symptoms, she said endometriosis was an option and ultrasound would be first step.

However after having my scan it's reported normal, normal uterus and ovaries. She advised me to go back to the doctors If still having pain for a plan !

Can this still be endometriosis? The pain is more in my bowel like I find it excruitiating going for a poo during my period or even passing wind, sometimes even sitting down hurts and causes sharp shooting pains!

Feel like I'm banging my head against a wal and trying to get Drs to understand the pain is infuriating!

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  • Hi Suzanne

    I had this but the found a cyst on my ovary and an enlarged fallopian. Tube. I had issues with my bowel and queried it, turns out my Fallopian tube is attached to my bowel hence the pain in that area. The attachment did not show up on an ultrasound and I had approximately 5 before my surgery.

    As frustrating as it is, keep at it with your gp and hopefully they're refer you to gyne for more tests etc

    Good luck!

  • Yep, that definitely sounds like endo. Make sure you push to see gynae and request laparoscopy.x

  • I think the gold standard in endometriosis diagnosis is by laparoscopy unfortunately that means surgery, but it does ensure the surgeon can see exactly what's going on and where, see where any adhesions are, what is being stuck to what and they also get the opportunity to operate there and then to excise the endo (you obviously want to make sure you're seeing a decent surgeon, ideally at a BGSE centre for this, so that any excision, especially if bowel related, can be removed safely and effectively, with other surgeons present if necessary e.g. bowel surgeon).

    An ultrasound can never give the best picture, even an MRI can often only pick up deeply infiltrating endo, and as we know a little endo can cause a lot of pain, and that little amount of endo may be missed via ultrasound.

    Just because the scan says normal uterus and ovaries, doesn't mean you couldn't have serious endometriosis elsewhere. The fact that you stay it feels more bowel related/sore going to the loo/shooting pains etc all rings true with me and I had very serious recto-vaginal endometriosis, undiagnosed for 15+ years. After a few laparoscopies, I finally found an excellent surgeon and got some relief at last from a very complicated situation.

    My advice - go back to your GP and ask to be referred to your nearest BGSE centre who specialise in endometriosis and have surgeons who, in my opinion, are more proficient and, importantly, more experienced in possible recto-vaginal involvement. You need to see the right people when the bowel etc may be implicated, not just a general gynaecologist. Listen to what your gut says and seek specialist help, you don't deserve to have to fight to get a GP to understand how your pain levels are, you have enough of a fight by the sounds of it and deserve to be heard and to get the treatment you may need. Good Luck x

  • My scan was clear years ago but I had polyestic. Ovaries so after they gave me nasal drops to turn the ovaries off to see if that stopped the pain and it did, they went in. However when they went in (key hole) they then had to cut me from side to side as I was riddled in endo and they removed ovaries but was 8 hours under, my Bowel bladder and kidneys were a mess (I had had 4 bladder repairs and hysterectomy in the past, 2 bowel surgeries) so I had so much scar tissue. Well a year after my surgery the pain returned as was on hrt my surgeon confirmed that my endo had spread everywhere!

    So yes it can be missed xxxx

    I hope you get answers xx

  • Morning, I went to the Drs at 25yrs had a ultrasound showed nothing. Started trying to conceive at 29yrs. At 30yrs I went back to Drs, another ultrasound showed nothing. I had extreme pain in my bowel and down the left side of my stomach. I had pushed to see a consultant and had a laparoscopy. They found stage 4 endometriosis covering the back of my womb. My organs had stuck together down the left side including attaching to my bowel (hence the severe pain)! The op was 1.5hrs where they removed some but could not touch my bowel. I had to wait then another 8 months for another laparoscopy where they found the endometriosis had got worse covering everywhere (womb, Fallopian tubes, left ovary, vagina internally etc). The op was 6hrs long and had a few days in hospital. The second op worked and for a few months o had no pain.

    A year on and the pain has started coming back. I'm now waiting for ivf as we can't conceive naturally! From my initial appointment until now it's been 8yrs.

    I would 100% push for a laporoscopy as, like me, it doesn't always show on scans.

    Good luck with everything. I know it can be soul destroying.

    Donna xx

  • In short yes. An ultrasound is highly unlikely to show up endometriosis. I had 6 or 7 of them showing nothing and then an MRI showed extensive endometriosis. It is shocking how many GPs don't know this.

    You need to ask (demand) to be referred to one of the specialists on the BSGE list, the text list is below the map. These are the only people who are qualified to deal with endometriosis where there is bowel involvement. Don't let your doctor fob you off with a standard gynae consultant.

  • Yes it most definitely can still be endometriosis. It is very common for it not to show on ultra sound. I had multiple ultra sounds and internal examinations with no endometriosis detected. It wasn't until I had a laparascopy that it was found throughout my pelvic region. My tubes and ovaries were clear like yours. I had very similar symptoms to yours - excruciating pain before a bowel movement during by period, painful wind and pain in rectum and bladder. They found endometriosis extensively on my bowel and rectum at the time of laparascopy. Unfortunately endometriosis is very difficult to diagnose for this reason and I had to really push to get the laparascopy. Can you ask for a laparoscopy and to be referred to a specialist endometriosis centre? It is tough but it is your right to a diagnosis and treatment and sometimes you do have to persevere. Wishing you the best of luck xx

  • Hi if you go on my profile you'll see my recent posts, i think we are in a similar place! I'm currently waiting to see gynae for consultation, hopefully next week. My GP has no idea at the moment and most of my pain and discomfort has now moved into my legs, bum, back and sides. Still get stomach pain but not like when it first started a few weeks back, it's like it's evolved into something else. I'm very confused and worried they are going to dismiss what I'm going through so I've kept a daily diary of my symptoms of proof x

  • Hi Suzanne my symptoms were very similar to yours. My consultant said only way to diagnose was with a laparoscopy x

  • Thank you so much for everyone's replies , makes you feel like your not on your own !

    The ultrasound will take 7-10 days to be reported so will get a Drs appointment then and now I have things to go and discuss with her. Altho at the last appointment she said some people just get really bad period pain and it was me that mentioned endo!

    Hopefully no more bowel examinations lol !

    I was on the pill for so many years that when I came off last summer to give my body a break I realised the pain couldn't be normal , thinking of going back on it to help !

    And hopefully get referred, nearest centre looks about an hour away but if it's the specalists then that's the way it is !

    Thanks again everyone really appreciate it xx

  • Wow, I was really grateful to read all these responses. I have also had a recent negative experience with an ultrasound and echo that didnt show very much endo. My specialist at the endo clinic was rather negative about doing an MRI, stating if there was endo she would of seen it. Over the last 10 years ive had 3 laps and lastly a partial hysterectomy.

    I have terrible lower back pain right, going through to the front.

    Im waiting for a second opinion at the same,clinic but a different specialist. I feel often that no one takes me seriously and then I worry its all in my head. Or that the pain isnt so back. Either way I feel alone. This group helps and sharing openly and honestly to those around me.

    I started the endo diet again 2 weeks ago. I had no pain until yesterday, and this morning I could barely walk,sit or I had ice cream and chocolate..not on the diet.but what the hell, sometimes I just want some comfort food

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