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Start Stop Start Period


I am so fed up with everything to do with cycle. If it’s not pain, it’s nausea or GI problems or migraines or heavy clotty flow. Nothing about my period is reliable, it changes in length it changes when I ovulate, weeks of spotting. I think I’ve figured it out and the. it goes ahead and changes, just to piss me off. I have a horrendous relationship with my body. I hate it, and it hates me. The emotional turmoil of it all, I’ve been suicidal and manic during my PMS for months, coupled with...still not matter what I try. And I try. I’ve been following the ‘to make a mommy’ blog - her advice is intense, but I’m following it, or trying to.

And today I’m dealing with what normally happens on day 3/4 - my period stops. I go from a tampon an hour to no tampons. It will last for about a day then it’s period will start again, heavy for a full day and then taper off...lighter and lighter and lighter, gradually getting browner it just spotting? Is my period 14 days long? I haven’t a f***ing clue.

If anyone can help, please please please give me something...what can do? I exercise I eat healthy and sleep I need a new supplement? Is their a massage technique? Do I need more surgery? Do I need to see a new specialist? Is there anything I can do anything at all to just kee it flowing and then have it stop properly?!

This, not new, but persistent feature of my period is trying to break me. I don’t know if anyone has it too and can offer ANY advice. I know it’s silly, cause it’s not exactly the worst part of endo by any means but it highlights just how little control or impact I seem to be able to have on my symptoms...and it’s really making me want to cut my own uterus out.

I’m pretty sure my rage is coming across. So I’ll stop there.

Love to you all for coping with this devil of a condition. X

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You aren’t alone my period is stop start stop start, then it’s mad heavy, then virtually nothing, I sympathise with the “I want to cut my own uterus out” feelings, just commenting in the hope some other commenter has a solution as I’m at my wits end, feel free to drop me a dm if you ever want to rant hun x

Oh. Sounds like me. Anything from 18 days between to 48 days between- even the period app struggled to predict when I was due on! Bleeding starts light and brown gets heavier over a few days until I'm flooding a pad with clots, then suddenly stops for 1-2 days before starting again at which point I feel like I have gone into Labour and the bleed can last anything from an hour to a couple of days. Then starts my bladder and bowel problems! (I wouldn't go into).

I was on the pill for 9 years which helped regulate and control the bleeding but when I stopped my symptoms progressively got worse.

Now I'm on contraception injection - not as effective as the pill but it's better having it every three months than remembering a pill every day.

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