is this all in my head? or do I have endometriosis

hi I am new on here, but it would be really helpful if I could get some advice on if I should move on and except that endometriosis is not what I have or keep my motive on getting the diagnosis.

since the age of 16 I have suffered loads with my periods and irregular bleeding even bleeding after intercourse for up to one hour and all seams to be ok again. i have photos how just how bloated my stomach gets and i suffer with extreme tiredness and massive amounts of pain. the gynaecologist preformed a laparoscopy back in 2010 nothing was found. things went quiet for a while with my stomach, the pain never really went away though.

i had my child 3years ago and i went to my doctor explaining just how much pain i was in and she did a smear test and found i had a growth, referred to the gynaecologist. he asked me why i came back and deferred as he thought nothing was wrong (not tests carried out)

this year I found I was struggling very much with the pain and bleeding again. I went back to my doctor and they gave me a scan and found a cyst on my right ovarie I then went back to the same gynaecologist. He has preformed yet another laparoscopy last week and found nothing. Not even the cyst and deferred me.

So do I hive up this feeling like I have this condition or do I keep on fighting for a diagnosis? Thank you for reading in advance

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  • Sorry your going through this headache it's awful isn't it. Have you been seen by a general gynae? Or a bsge specialist reason being general gynae tend to miss endo quite often. Bsge specialist have extra 3 years training in endo and know what their looking for and where to look.

    If your in England you can get a referral to a bsge centre and take it from there if you search lindle on here she has many posts on this disease and information on which ways it needs treating etc.

    Hope you get the answers your looking for soon x

  • thank you for your reply, I have been going to the gynae at the hospital. that's about it. iv not hurd of the bsge specialist at all the this seems like a very good idea and will talk to my doctor. iv also been told that by getting a mri scan done would help? not really understanding much so quite venerable to it all. I am hoping I can get to the bottom of it one day x

  • Your welcome.

    My understanding is an MRI would possibly show up deep endo if the person that's viewing the images knows what their looking for. Search a lady called lindle on here she's wrote a good few knowledgeable posts about endo and ways it needs to be treated. I think they will help.

    Not many people have heard of bsge centres but it's most definitely the way forward to helping people get sorted Google bsge centres and you should be able to find one near you. Then go to your doc with the information (not many gps know about bsge aswel) plus you definitely need to gain as much knowledge about this disease so you can be the driver of how you get treated xx

  • Ah I see what your saying and it makes sense, I'm going to change my doctors tomorrow so I will make a appointment to see the new one and get them to sort the MRI out if they can. I also Google bsge to see if I have one in my area I think lindie messaged me on here and got me to join her Facebook page and for some strange reason it won't let me send a email back on here to her. . Again thank you so much for this advice xx

  • Your welcome.

    Keep me updated on how you get on hope it all works out for you. Join her Facebook page she'll have a load more info on there than you can get on here. I just am not on Facebook and don't really want to make one. But it will definitely help you. Take care gun make sure you keep me updated xxx

  • I meant hun sorry bloody automatic text xx

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