I have a very random question regarding laparoscopy

Ok so I've got my lap on 16th June (first one) to diagnose if I've got endo and have now received the letter telling me what i need to do!

One thing it says is remove all body piercings. I've got two earrings that don't come out. They've been in since they were pierced and would require a trip to the piercer for them to take them out.

Do they actually mean ear piercings as well?

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  • As far I'm aware you have to remove all metal - that's why they ask you to take off your glasses/piercings/bra (because of the clasps) etc. I'd ring them to check.

  • Wow, there really is so much to think about with all of this! I'm still waiting for details of my appointment so haven't heard about this yet, but do have a nose ring that's a right pain to put back in! Let us know what they say! And best of luck with the lap :)

  • Hiya, as said above you aren't allowed metal generally, however depending in your surgeon/anaesthetist you might be able to have plastic retainers in piercings that close up easily, I changed ears,lip and nose to plastic and this was acceptable. Hope you get on ok! I would defo pop to the piercers before your op and change them if u can though xxx

  • Thanks all! I'll try and ring to double check!

  • I just had to put tape over my ear (got the top cartilage pierced) they were fine with it but i have my belly button pierced so i had to have that out. As soon as I felt ready to, later that day I put a plastic bar in so it didn't heal up, that was left in about a week until i was ready for my normal bar. Hope this helps xxx

  • You will need to have them removed somehow. They don't allow exceptions for anything unfortunately. You're not even allowed hairbands with metal in. My husband works in the day surgery of our local hospital and is always telling me different things, especially as I'm due a lap in the next couple of months. I hope you can get it sorted! X

  • Hey, I had my lap in November and I have six ear piercings i just told them at my pre-op that they wouldn't come out and they said to just put some tape over them.

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