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Mirena coil - has yours moved?


Hello ladies,

So, I’ll cut the long story in to a short one - I was diagnosed with endo on May 2016 (stage 4, and diagnosed from internal examination due to a visible nodule).

I’m under a BSGE centre and had my first lap on Sept 2016. This confirmed a joint surgery with a bowel specialist was needed. I went on Zoladex for 6 months and has the big lap in Jan 2017. Endo was excised, bowel placement restored, and module removed.

In June 2016 I had the Mirena fitted by a GP - within 3 months it was clear it wasn’t working and an ultrasound confirmed it was in the wrong place due to a tilt in my uterus. This resulted in me going back to my specialist and he fitted a new one in November via a Hysteroscopy. From a bleeding POV it’s more manageable (5 days, 2 heavy, 28-30 day cycle - all fine) however I’ve had some lower abdominal stabbing/poking pains outside of bleed for the last few months. No pattern to them, just at random times. I mentioned this to my GP and she sent me for an ultrasound just to be sure - and sure enough, it’s sitting low in my uterus (and not in the correct place from a contraception point of view - not that I’m using it for that).

Has anyone else had this problem? I can’t help thinking that the tilt in my uterus paired with monthly bleeding and cramping it causing it to dislodge. That’s my logical brain kicking in!

Thanks Xx 😊

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