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Mirena Coil, Awful Cramps

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Good afternoon! Hope you're all well :)

I just had a question about the Mirena - I had mine put in 2 weeks ago during my laparoscopy. I know there are meant to be cramps and whatnot with them so I was fully prepared for the uncomfortableness that would ensue. But this is worse than when I had my endo flare ups! It is debilitating, I am bent over double and it wakes me up in the night... I was wondering if anyone else experienced this on the coil as well? I also have the bleeding too, which changed from chocolate brown to bright red.

I'm also ridiculously fatigued, can't get through the day without having a nap at the moment. It's only started within the last few days. Is this something others have experienced too?!

Stay safe xoxo

13 Replies
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I had horrific cramps when I had the mirena in last summer - I couldn't concentrate on anything and I felt sick, and I couldn't sleep for a few weeks. I think it settled down by the two week mark though - might be worth checking in with your GP?

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EvelynSands in reply to SarahMia227

It’s so horrid, and I had no idea the cramps would be so bad! I’ve managed to snag an appointment with the nurse tomorrow to check it’s in the right place and hasn’t moved, it’s just horrible :( xx

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I am not a fan of the coil but you will get good and bad feedback on this site. If it slips it can cause awful pain and on occasions infections. It has to settle in so to speak so if you can cope keep with it for longer but you know your own body so if you are not happy suggest you get it removed

Good luck and hope you will be pain free soon🌹

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I was exactly the same and ended up in a&e two weeks after insertion. Diclofenac suppositories helped with the pain but it took me quite a few weeks before I could sleep through the night without waking up in agony. I hope you feel better soon, hopefully getting your coil checked out will reassure you but the best you can do for the moment is just take it easy and let your body rest! X

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Sorry to hear you're going through this 😔 i had mine fitted and lasted six months with vile pain! Mine was not fitted correctly causing it to be removed in the end as I'd lost faith in it and my boyfriend was cut by it 😮 hope it settles for you soon!

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I had the exact same procedure 2 weeks ago and this sounds exactly like what I’m experiencing! I’ve even ended up in a&e with the pain and vomiting that comes with it! Have you found anything that eases the pain at all? Xx

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EvelynSands in reply to GoldenGirl2002

It’s awful, I’m going to the nurse this afternoon to make sure it’s in place but it’s just horrid!! I take Mefenamic Acid for it which sort of helps, and I use a hot water bottle that I just have sat over my pelvis which takes me mind off of it but it’s just horrible xx

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GoldenGirl2002 in reply to EvelynSands

It really is isn’t it! I hope everything goes alright with the nurse, and hopefully this eases soon! Xx

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You’ll get lots of mixed reviews in here. It wasn’t my first choice let’s just say that. I much preferred back to back birth control pills. But I have thrombocytosis which is a blood clotting disorder so I can no longer take it as it has a higher risk of blood clots. I had mine fitted during my lap 6 months ago. I still have bad cramps 2-3 times a week (I didn’t have hardly any when I was on the pill) and spotting that follows it each time. My hair is falling out in clumps (I’ve probably lost 1/3 of my hair) and my scalp is so dry and itchy I have 8-10 scabs all over my head at a time. Im giving this another month until I see my specialist again and then I’m going back to vissane and lupron. I honestly can’t live like this. But you’re only two weeks in, at that point cramps and spotting are the norm for every day. I wouldn’t assume anything is wrong with it at this point. You could also still be sore from your lap if you’re only two weeks out as well.

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This sounds horrific, why aren’t they suggesting you get it taken out immediately? If something is supposed to help you how can you be suffering in this much pain, something isn’t right and I’d be getting that out straight away.

You can get the same results from back to back mini or combined pill they just don’t like that as it costs more and they have to see you for blood pressure, with the fool it’s in and goodbye for 5 years.

Honestly question if you wanted this?

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EvelynSands in reply to Whoisthis

Went to the GP yesterday - they explained that you get cramps with the coil, they took some swabs to make sure there’s nothing infection wise and the strings were in the right place. If it’s no better in a week they’re sending me off for scans to make sure it’s not moved/stuck somewhere, if it’s not settling down then it’ll be removed. But because I’ve only had it for 2 weeks it’s too early to know whether it’s just the side effects or something else.

I’ve been considering it for a while and knew there would be side effects but I didn’t know they were like this. I didn’t want it a few years ago because the idea of having it placed terrified me. But I knew I would have it under general, and that it had a good success rate with managing endo symptoms so I’m willing to give anything a go. But I wasn’t banking on it being this horrid!

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Whoisthis in reply to EvelynSands

You poor thing, I hope it settles for you, or gets out, it’s really not fair to suffer any more.

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EvelynSands in reply to Whoisthis

I hope so too, I’m very much over the cramps 😩

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