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severe lethargy - forever needing more sleep


Hi all,

I need some idea of what’s happening here. I don’t have immensely heavy periods, I do get period pains almost everyday, along with bad bloating etc etc pain during sex. I’ve had a laparoscopy and it’s clear so who knows.

BUT - I feel tired ALL THE TIME ! Not like ah I need a couple more hours sleep today, it’s I need to stay in bed all day. I struggle to get up in the mornings even if I’ve slept well. Doing day to day things is hard because it’s like I need frequent naps lol. I am an active person, I go to the gym 5-6 days a week. It’s hard though because I’m so tired. It’s getting in the way of everything - work, day to day chores. Probably frustrating my fiancé as I just want to sleep all the time.

What could this be ? I think I’m anaemic as I will lose my breathe very easily even though I’m fit and I get covered in bruises that I don’t know how I got. I have a blood test soon but am I right? It’s ridiculous. I drink 3+ litres of water.


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Take iron supplements spatone - it might be adenomyosis. Or fibroids? Have they ruled it out? Have you thought of going on the pill for a while? Might help lessen your flow?

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