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Tired beyond belief😫

Hi all,

Does anyone suffer with chronic fatigue even with little symptoms? Today’s the first day I’ve not had any back pain since a flare up about 2 weeks ago and I know i’m due to start my period any day now but just wondered if people get the fatigue even when they don’t have any pain? It’s reduced me to tears today cause i physically feel like I can’t function and it’s so hard to try and explain to my partner and kids. I’ve been so lightheaded all day and my head feels heavy. I have an appointment with the gynae clinic in 2 weeks. I had a laparoscopy about 7 yrs ago and it cleared up the endo up until about a year ago but now it’s come back with a vengeance 😢 As much as I wouldn’t wish this on anyone I don’t think

I’d feel so alone knowing others go through this


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Hi I can totally sympathise with how you are feeling. Fatigue is what I have struggled with the most. I'm sorry your suffering with this but your definitely not alone feeling this way. I have fatigue most days and struggle to function like you. I have two children so life can be tough managing. I've tried to explain to my friends and family about the fatigue but they don't understand its hard to explain. I think some people think I'm lazy but I'm really not. I get fatigue even when I don't have my other pain and symptoms too. I wish I had an answer on how to get rid of this dreadful fatigue it truly sucks. I just try to rest when I can and make the most of the good days. I hope your appointment goes well. Take care xx


Yes I definitely think my ex-husband thought I was lazy but I never connected the fatigue to the endometriosis at the time. Thank you. It’s nice to have the support from people that understand it. Thankfully my current partner is a lot more understanding but it just makes me feel like a useless mum and girlfriend cause I just don’t have the energy some days to do the things that the kids want to do. I hope this appointment brings some hope and I have been keeping a diary of my symptoms so I can show the consultant how much it is having on my daily life.



Hi, I went from running most days, outdoor swimming and orienteering to struggling to walk up the stairs. I've been like this for nearly a year and today I had to lie down after having a bath (which I thought would be relaxing). The fatigue is what probably effects my mood the most as, like you, I feel useless; like i'm letting my children down, my friends because I never know when it's going to hit and have to cancel engagements and I can't be as physical in my pretty physical job. If anyone has any advice on how to combat this I'd really appriciate it.


Sadly I’m the same I went from running a half marathon 18 months ago to struggling to get out bed. I rarely have energy (usually first week after period) and each day I come home & feel so tired that managing life is tough! My hubby can be great but gets frustrated if it’s more than a few days. I have a 6 year old who is great & if I say ‘mummy is having a bad day’ she seems to understand. BUT she struggles to go to school on these days which is heartbreaking as I’m impacting on her childhood.

My gynae consultant has put me on Zoladex & hrt to try & help. It’s full on has made things a little worse but I’m hoping it will ease after the advised 3 months.

I’ve been on antidepressants for about a year which has helped the overwhelming low mood & mild panic I was getting.

I spoke to a dietitian friend as I’m now rock bottom & have gained soooo much weight. She seemed to not believe that I can’t exercise!! Between the fatigue & abdo pain I really struggle. It’s amazing people who haven’t got this condition just don’t understand!!! She however did suggest a fodmap diet to help with the pain (mines very bowel orientated) but also may help my fatigue. It’s a full on 12 week eating plan, I currently week 2 and it’s hard but my pain is easing. My fatigue is a bit easier but I’m post period so it’s hard to say!!

Big hugs you it’s a fine line between coping & feeling like you’ve lost control.


You all seem to have the fatigue so much worse than me!! I really feel for you all. I really do. I was reading up about endo fatigue and they have said a lot of processed foods and sweet stuff really doesn’t help it. I must admit where i’ve felt so low over the past 3 weeks cause of it, I’ve been reaching for any rubbish food I can find. Have told myself i’m getting myself back on track with eating properly and I hope that will ease it even just a little. I suffer with an anxiety disorder which hasn’t helped at all so I spend a lot of my time at home stressing that i’m not doing what I should be doing but then i’m too bloody tired to do it!! Stress itself causes fatigue so got to try and combat that aswell.

Thank you and sending lots of hugs back. It’s helped so much knowing there’s people out there who do understand


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I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope your appointment will shed some light, but I would have a scan asap if I were you.

I have had 2 scans (ultrasounds) so far since November: they found 2 endometrioma in both ovaries, the left one is growing larger and is now of 6.4cm. I too have your same symptoms and these have worsen in the last 2 weeks literally! I now experience: left ovary & abdominal pain, left thigh, leg, groin pain, extreme fatigue plus last night I had nausea and felt faint and lightheaded. I’ve been feeling more dizzy and faint for the last month actually. I normally only have this just before and on my first and second day of period. All these symptoms are suddenly constant. And I definitely struggle walking fast without feeling tired or pain.

I hope you sort it soon. I’m seeing my gynaecologist next week and will agree a date for a Laparoscopy I suppose..

Take care & best of luck xxx


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