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Lack of energy, depression and endo

Hi there,

I’ve been feeling tired all the time and depressed for a while now, I can’t figure out if I’m tired because of the endometriosis, or I’m depressed because I have endometriosis and that makes me tired. I don't know which is causing which, but either way it’s making me feel more and more withdrawn from life. The fact that I don’t know if I can have sex (because of the pain) makes things worse. I guess it’s made me feel scared at the prospect of intimacy and I have put some kind of barrier to meeting new people, even though I don’t want this.

It's a downward spiral for me and I don’t know how to get energy to come back up. How do you cope with a lack of energy and depression? Answers much appreciated.

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Hi there

I am so sorry to hear you are struggling, I don't know if I can help much but I just wanted you know you are not on your own.

This condition leaves you feeling very lonely and confuse at times that's why this forum is so great.

Have you though of maybe speaking to your GP about anti depressants? It makes no difference what condition causin which, the fact is you are feeling down and you need a helping hand.

How about joining the endo support group in your area? It might do you a world of good speaking to ladies in the same situation.

I really do hope you feel better soon xxxx


I split from hubby last summer I think it was me mainly moody not wanting sex cause of pain and him moaning cause I'm always ill or in pain!!

I was took in to hospital for 4 time with pains they found 7cm cyst and endo after 20 years of being told pcos and ibs I knew it was more!!

We are back together but not had sex I can't bring my self to having op in next couple of months x


I honestly do understand, this condition certainly plays havoc with your sex life!! I am lucky enough not to have much pain during sex but the fact that I am always in pain and forever exhausted doesn't help with the sex life at all.

I had my operation last week and whilst I had complications I am really pleased I went through with it, maybe it will he you too?

I hope you find peace whatever you decide on xx


I'm in the same boat Hun and it's a horrible feeling, I am suffering with all the symptoms that endo brings sadly and it's not nice. I currently take fluoxetine to perk me up a bit as I'm down most of the time :(


Hi thanks for your responses,

I would like to go a support group, I haven't managed to go for one reason or another (something to do with confrontation) there isn't one near by, but I will check again maybe a new one has started since I last checked. Has anyone else been to any support groups?

I don't really want to take anti-depressants, I would at this stage try to look at other ways to feel better. Although of course I'm not judging anyone that does, I know it helps a lot of people.

I'm on a waiting list to have a laparoscopy, I hope that will improve pain, mood and tiredness symptoms. Has the operation improved your symptoms lilykat197?

Laloloo, I had a similar situation when I was first diagnosed, I was in a lot of pain and doctors kept fobbing me off with more and more antibiotics, when I knew it was something else and it took 2 years of no one really believing me and my parents thinking I was imagining or exaggerating the pain, it's a terrible feeling to go through.

Thanks again, it is good to hear people who are or have gone through similar problems, just to be reminded that I'm not alone in this. Thanks xxx


I completely understand the depression and lack of energy. I'm an emotional wreck most of the time. Crying over anything and everything. The Dr has suggested anti depressants to me but I have a close family member who has been on them and I've seen first hand the side effects of some and am now too scared to even contemplate taking them. I've also seen how it's near to impossible to ever come off them once you start relying on them.

I was also in a similar position as Lolaloo and was told for about 8years that it was just IBS and that I needed to control my diet. I had my 1st laparoscopy in 2012 where they found grade 3 endometriosis on the underside of my womb and on my bowel. The surgeon doing the op was not a bowel specialist and so didn't do any treatment at the time. I had to wait another year before I had my second laparoscopy and they found that the endometriosis had also attached itself to my left ovary and had pulled it taut 'sticking' it to my bowel and womb. The surgeon this time managed to treat quite a lot and then subsequently put me on monthly injections and HRT to try to trick my body into thinking that it was now clear.

I finished the injections in August last year and my periods resumed about 4months ago and they are absolutely horrific now. I was in pain last time but nothing compared to this!! I'm 30 in a couple of weeks and we have been trying to get pregnant for 3years now and so having a hysterectomy is not an option for us. I had my latest check up last week and they are now referring us for IUI but again that could take months and I don't know if I can keep going through this pain. Any suggestions on tried and tested pain relief?

Thanks and apologies for the long post. This is my first time using this forum. X


Thanks for posting Lg2014, I don't have any real suggestions to pain relief other than changing aspects of your diet to reduce inflammation in your body. I had a terrible bout of pain last year that lead me to try and make changes in my diet. My body was convulsing due to the pain, I felt like I was performing some kind of exorcism! After that I've been taking primrose oil more omega 3-6-9 mix. reducing wheat, alcohol and dairy intakes. I feel that has reduced pain somewhat although I feel like its a stab in the dark if it really works or makes a big difference. xx


Hey there, how are you doing today? I had some complications post op and was re admitted for 5 days so not really feeling the benefits just yet, I must say I am exhausted and spend most of the day sleeping, which by the way has to be an improvement as before the pain would have stopped me from sleeping so I must be getting a bit better. The last time I had an op I had a fabulous 3 pain free years which done the world of good for my mental state and energy levels, I am really hopefully once I recover from this op I will be lucky enough to have a similar result xx


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