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Been a really tough week

On really heavy constantly flooding

Unable to sleep due to the pain. .

Numbness in my leg down my right size...

Back pain is unbearable

Litually at my wits end

I've taken mefemic acid




Used ibuprofen gel

Also hot water bottle n wheat bag

Nothing is easing it

Any advice or suggestions please ladies xxx

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I used to get some relief by stuffing pillows between and under my knees but I bet you've thought of that. I also "go to my happy place" I shut my eyes and imagine I am diving off the coast of Maui, swimming with the turtles etc. I start by imagining putting on my wetsuit etc as part of this relaxation technique. sending moral support and a big hug if you want it, and good wishes for you to have a perfect nights sleep it sounds like you are having a rotten time and I hope you get a good night very soon.


Hi Aimeeellismay,

Did u manage t sleep? R u feeling be beta? I no this doesn’t sound like much but ... I’m sure I’m not the only one that finds ther self breathing like ther in labour due t pain if u have someone ther with u try getting them t rub ur lower back/ top of bum just like ur in labour , if comfortable for u try kneeling over with legs apart n breathing deeply into ur belly, if not comfortable with that just try the deep breathing in for mayb count of 6 n same out or longer out jus try concentrating on breathing , I’ve had no more experience drugs wise than u have already mentioned. Xx have u had me experience of cbd, I haven’t but it might b worth a try although I’ve heard the stuff a Holland n Barrett isn’t worth it but it’s ur choice . I do use anti inflammatory cream it works but is extremely short lived. I’ve also heard about suppositories not sure about pessarys might b worth a chat with dr . Let me know how u get on I really do feel for u n understand how hard it can b.


Hiya riverchick....

Not had much sleep still mentally physically draining....

I really feel like I'm at a dead end so frustrated...

I'm not sure about cbd oil x


Hi amieeellismay,

Poor you x have talked to the dr yet ? What about the suppositories? I’m worried if your still flooding mayb you shud go hospital ...


Same for me 😢 so hard! Xx


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