I'm so Tired of feeling exhausted. I know it will Get better in periods with less pain but to be honest it is hard to cope with the pain and feeling exhausted right now. I'm a bit tired of not knowing if the new treatment will work and not knowing the reason for the pain. Does anyone have any ideas of how increase the energy level? it's so frustrating to not being able to do what I really like to do and want to do πŸ˜” I will start a treatment tomorrow and hopefully it will work 😊

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  • Akendo,

    Sorry to hear your so tired it gets frustrating doesn't it? I would love to know if anyone has suggestions.

    A while back I loooked at the endo diet, it's meant to help but wondered if anyone had tried it? It maybe worth a go?


  • Yes, it's frustrating! Maybe I should try the endo diet. πŸ‘πŸΌ I would love to hear about any experiences with the diet :)

  • Hi Akendo πŸ™‚

    1 year ago I went through an extremely rough patch with my endo and was finding everything so hard because I was so tired and felt ill all the time! Around this time last year I started the endo diet and I'm still sticking to it, I have noticed a definite improvement in how I feel in general however i do still get days where I don't feel so good and can be extremely tired on my period but in comparison to where I was a year ago I'm much better (touch wood) I also started a supplement called Endovan about 6 months ago and I really believe that has also helped. I also go to the gym when I feel up to it. Nothing strenuous just a 20 min workout on a cross trainer. Have you had your bloods tested for anemia? That's pretty common with endo and something I suffer from, that can make you feel really exhausted!!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. I will check my blood for anemia after christmas 😊 I think I will try the endo diet as well. It's worth it if I will feel better with the diet!

  • I'd recommend getting your iron/ferritin levels checked. I take two sachets of spatone a day to keep my anaemia in check.

    Also, Vitamin D oral spray or drops daily can lift your mood 😊

  • Thanks, I will check my ferritin and vitamin D levels 😊

  • With such a heavy blood loss, it's likely you're anaemic and the problem is easily resolved :)

  • I'm not having heavy bleedings but short intervals between the bleedings. I will definitely check the iron levels. At least i have excluded anaemia as the cause if ferritin is normal 😊

  • Hi, I too get exhausted and my exhaustion got so bad I would pass out. Sometimes I would sit at my desk at work and feel as though I'm about to drop to the floor as my body physically couldn't hold me up anymore. I went off sick for a while and soon was diagnosed with ME/CFS. I genuinely believe that Endo is the cause of it all. Especially since my feelings of exhaustion suddenly got worse since I came off the combined pill to try for a baby and my pill was helping keep my Endo under control.

    I managed to get back to work and was advised by someone who's partner had ME/CFS to try a natural energy source called D-Ribose. You can get it in a packet on Amazon and u put some in a hot drink (it's tasteless) and it keeps my energy levels up so I can continue with my day and not feel I'm going to collapse. For me it really does help.

    I've found I need to sleep more than most too and a bad nights sleep can have a knock on effect for a few days. I have to have about 8-9 hours sleep to keep my energy stable.

    Hope this helps xx

  • Thank you for sharing your experience! I will try D-ribose to see if it will help 😊

  • I started ovulating on Sunday night and I've been in pain on/off for the rest of the wk. I've been so drained. Hopefully it lets up before Christmas!

  • Sorry to hear that you are in pain! Hope it will get better soon 😊

  • Wish I had a cure for the tiredness. I used to go to the gym and feel full of energy afterwards, now I go to the gym and drive home exhausted for the rest of the day!!! Already on the IC diet for my bladder, have cut out so many foods there is not much left. Also lost weight but was not overweight in the first place. I am having excision op in March and really hope to get my energy back.

  • Sorry to hear that you feel like this. I also used to get energy from going to the gym 😊 Hope it will be better after op.

  • I nearly quit my job I was so tired, then I started taking vitamin B and magnesium, it made a huge difference! I still have the occasional day where I fall asleep at my desk, but now I look forward to going to work instead of dreading it.

  • Thanks for answer 😊 i will try magnesium and vit. B πŸ‘πŸΌ

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