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Haven't been diagnosed yet but feeling really down as I am sooo exhausted!! I feel like it's affecting my life completely as when I get asked to go anywhere with friend I always cancel coz I'm too tired!! Dunno what to do as now I feel like it affecting my relationship with my fiancé as he wants to g out and I'm too tired I just wish he could be in my shoes for 1 days and understand how much I suffer. Need help!!!

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At what stage are you in being diagnosed? Is your GP referring you to hospital? What are your symptoms (aside from the ones you've mentioned)? X

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I've been to gynae twice 1st was rubbish and 2nd time he has given me overactive bladder however I have to go back.in January to see what next stage is he said he doesn't think I have it but will do an laposcopy. I have heavy period, painful ones, pain during and after sex, sometimes bleed after, pain in abdomin usually when ovulating. Pain in pelvis and hips 3 days before I could come pill, ibs problems constipation most of the time. Have symptoms of a water infection but no infection up during the night to wee. Miagranes when due on feel sick.

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I have had sam symtoms had laparoscopy and also camera into bladder ( not sure what that's called ) this was second laparoscopy 1 at one they said no endometriosis 2nd one told new and old endometriosis my consultant said often missed if new and first laparoscopy was 5 years earlier, also have interstitcial cystitis also know as painful bladder syndrome and have IBS which have suffered with for years, would ask to go to a BSGE centre , my consultant I saw last year was not at centre and offered me a hysterectomy but doing my own research some of my endo is in pouch of douglas.

Hope you get your answers

I'm Sorry that i can't help but I have the same feeling. It's so frustrating. I haven't been diagnosed yet but gynae said it could be endometriosis due to my symptoms. Hope you will Get some help and feel better 😊

Are you being seen at a BSGE centre? If not, it may be best to ask to be referred there before your lap. Your symptoms do suggest endometriosis. If you're not sure whether the hospital is a BSGE centre you can check on the BSGE website for their list of endometriosis centres. X

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