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Feeling exhausted

Hey all, just wondering if anyone else sometimes feels really tired, not sleepy, just run down, exhausted because of endo? The result is I just want to lie down, curl up and sleep.

I'm starting to get used to what happens with my cycles and this exhausted feeling seems to come on for a few days after ovulation (I have the naturalcycles app that helps with showing parts of my cycle).

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I have developed chronic fatigue permanently now sadly and it is very common in endo sufferers.

Various suggestions are that it's an effect of chronic pain, inflammation or your immune system being overloaded but if yours is cyclical I'd imagine there may well be a hormonal element to it as well.

Take care of you xxx


Thanks for you reply :)

Is there anything I can do / take - alternative therapy?

I don't want to go to my gp as it seems a bit silly, won't they just say sleep more or give me medication?

I've sent off for a dna test that will show up genetic sensitivities / allergies. It's from DNAfit - hoping that may shed some light on non endo problems. I am sensitive to cows milk so I don't have dairy anyway.


Hi, it's a good idea to rule out deficiencies I had my blood checked for : thyroid, low iron, vit d, vit b12, magnesium and zinc and possibly checks to rule out lupus

I was low in vit d

A good GP will take you seriously and look at these so do persevere.

My experience was they were very quick to do bloods, it's then taken me a while to get them to do a referral to the cfs specialist team and where I live there's a very long wait for it I hear.


Hey, I feel tired all the time too and my parents shout at me for it and call lazy etc. If I could, I’d sleep all day which isn’t normal for me as I’m normally full of energy and happy.

The stress of my parents and being in pain 24/7 really gets to me so that probably doesn’t help the fatigue and emotional/mental side of this condition. Xx


nah that makes sense, it wouldn't help.

you're not lazy; it's difficult to get others to see how you feel, to understand it :(


It really is especially my parents. I got forced to go gym this morning even though im in agony. Can’t even sit in a chair without being in pain or lying down.


aww bet the gym hasn't helped either the tiredness or the pain :(

you need a hot water bottle and a sofa day!


Yeah if only that was possible haha


I feel tired all the time but it got worse recently in the morning I have to literally fall out bed I'm so tired and my eyes sting and water when I open them to any light 😭


aww noo. I find waking up fine, I just don't want to go anywhere, bed seems so inviting. I find myself yawning and eyes closing, feels like I haven't slept in aaaages.

glad others get how I feel


I hate that feeling 😂


its such an irritating feeling especially if you have lot to do..worse seems like no sleep is enough to wake up feeling fresh


i have work so stuff to do lol! The bus there is so nice and quiet at the time of day I'm going into work so it's sooo easy just to close my eyes, bet everyone thinks I'm odd.

I seem to do better after about 11am, so if it's the weekend and I sleep from 10pm to 10am ish I feel better. I so want to be normal and stay up late during the weekends :( but i'm too exhausted

I swear it's been getting worse or I'm noticing it more

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going through the same its horror


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