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So exhausted!!

Hi ladies,

After heavy bleeding for months now, I'm really suffering with feeling completely exhausted all the time. I'm a letting agent so a lot of my job involves driving around and showing properties & I'm really struggling.

It sounds like a trivial thing in comparison to the pain but does anyone have any tips apart from downing coffee all day?!

Thanks xx

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Have you been checked for anemia??


I was checked a month or so ago but think I maybe need to get checked again


Hi, coffee certainly won't help, it may give a slight boost but it dosnt last long, better off trying vitamin C and iron, lots of water, and make sure you eat breakfast within 30 mins of being up,

Caffeine is also bad for endo and period pains,

Hope you get some relief soon, xx

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Coffee and chocolate interfere with your iron absorption.

The fatigue cld be vitamin d and b.

I wld get this checked.

These ones are quite common too.

Kind regards


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Thank you for the useful info ladies x


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