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Forgot one pill.. period came!!!


So after my surgery to remove my stage 4 endo in April I was put on the pill. In May for 3 months continuous yesterday I forgot to take one and I’ve started bleeding today!!

I’m freaking out now as I just see bleeding as it possibly coming back! :( ahhhhh no!

But it also means after my 6 months of zolodex last one being April.. that my ovaries have turned back on. Period is back. But just annoyed I forgot a pill! I don’t want a bleed!!

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I’m exactly the same! I take cerazette everyday without breaks. If I miss my pill just once or take it in the evening instead of morning I come on my period! I never used to be like this. I could miss it for 7 days or so and only then come on my period.

Do you know why this is? 🙁

Kate345 in reply to CJessicaD

I think it could be the type of pill? It’s low in a certain hormone and my other pill years ago was just your bog standard pill mercilon.. now I’m on tibalone which the endo nurse suggested due to the hormones been correct and better for endo

My back is killing now. First bleed since my op and since zolodex. Didn’t expect by missing one this would happen I’m just annoyed as I’m on 3 months continuously and I’m like oh my god this little bleed might mean it’s growing back :((((

CJessicaD in reply to Kate345

I have changed pills a million times so that sounds right! I was only diagnosed 2 weeks ago so I’ve still got a lot of learning to do. What treatment did you first have after surgery? I have an appointment soon to discuss changing to the coil/temporary menopause but I don’t fancy either... I would Like to stay on cerazette but is that too risky incase the endo grows back?! I’m clueless!!

I’ve just googled tibalone and realised it isnt similar to mine at all, sorry, I thought it was!

I was heart broken when I bled/had my period after my op because I thought the surgery would just fix everything! I guess not 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Xx

Kate345 in reply to CJessicaD

My surgery was only 2 months ago and then they’ve put me on the pill 3 months continuously for the long haul to help control things :(

I had zolodex the hormone injections before surgery to shrink the endometriosis down as it was too dangerous to remove.

I’m not sure the endo nurse recommended tibalone due to the hormone amounts which are good for endometriosis but I wouldn’t have a clue about that really I just went with her advice

It always grows even on the pill as it doesn't stop it, just hibernates it for a bit so slows it down; we're always producing hormones so it will always have a chance of regrowth. Surgery can only remove what they can see, so some cells will always be in our bodies. The idea with hormone tablets eg the pill is to slow it down. A lot of women aren't on any hormones and can manage well, some are on hormone treatment and still have problems.

I have chosen not to have hormone treatment as my view is to let things happen naturally plus I don't like taking tablets; I've had as much endo removed as they can so I'll see what my symptoms are like and then decide what to do next; I prefer operations as they can remove the endo rather than slowing it down - where an operation may still be needed anyway. I'm embracing each day; planning around my cycles as now I know my lessened symptoms are only the few days around our period.

Regrowth is different for different women and symptoms can be different to before.

It's the drop in hormones that you're taking that have caused the breakthrough bleeding, technically not a period as there was no egg released. If you stopped your pill altogether your cycles would kick back in when your ovaries release an egg mid cycle. So if it's one pill you've missed, then the advice on the pack is to take the next when you remember (extra contraception used for 7 days if used for that purpose), then carry on the packs as normal. One day or a few won't make that much difference so soon after your op. If you're worried contact your specialist whom prescribed you the pill xx

When I was on the pill (for 10 years, stopped 5 ish years ago now) and I missed one I took one from the end of the pack as it didn't mess up my days labelled on the pack. I used to be on 4 months back to back as doctor said they didn't like the idea of taking them continuously full stop, your body needs a break from all the hormones as your liver has to break it all down.

Kate345 in reply to farahziya

That’s not true completely as some people who are lucky enough the endometriosis never grows back once removed.. but that’s the lucky ones and that’s all I can think of. If I kept thinking too much about thr possible negative I’d be miserable you have to try and think positive and that it won’t come back

farahziya in reply to Kate345

Endometriosis cells are always in our body if you have it, yes true for some it doesn't grow at all, some other's it grows lots and doesn't have any symptoms. Everyone is different, but it's always there somewhere, aside from a blood test to look specifically for it (which isn't developed yet, if there's even one that could be done) removing it all by eye or camera won't see down to cell level, so scientifically it can never all be removed. So I guess we're both correct to an extent!

Kate345 in reply to farahziya

Yeah a breakthrough bled :( just didn’t expect it as I was on mercilon for 10 years and never had an issue but never been on tibalone before and I saw others say if they missed one they had a bleed :(

It’s just all so confusing and everything’s happened so fast from zolodex to surgery to recovery , to the pill and now I’m building my life back and this break through has just upset me a bit as I didn’t want this :(

farahziya in reply to Kate345

Yeah positivity! Try not to worry so much. I know it's easier said than done, just think you can't be the only person to have missed one, this stuff allows for a bit of human error, if the doctors thought it was vital to not miss one there's other hormone treatments they could have suggested. Anyway, focus on getting through this; the positives are you've had as much as possibly removed, and you're better because of it, you are pain free (I think) :)

Oh dear. I'm sure it will stop again right?! Just keep taking it again.

You've been very lucky trust me: I've been on Cerazette pill for 3 months and I bled constantly and heavily with only a week break between periods.. Total madness AND it has obviously caused my endometriosis to grow back :( I'm very upset.

The gyne said that if I don't stop bleeding my the fourth month I should finally stop it. But it has been total hell.

I can't believe some women don't bleed at all on this pill. It's a great thing. If you only get one period or one day bleeding is not too bad I'm sure. So try and relax xxx

Kate345 in reply to regina79

I have bed lucky. I had my last zolodex injection the day before my surgery so 18th April then op on 19th so I was still on zolodex during my recovery so no worries about periods etc. I then went straight on to the pill from May and had no issues apart from missing one yesterday then break through bleeding today. Isn’t not heavy at all, pretty light tbh. I just panicked as I thought any bleed even a day would mean omg it’s growing I know it doesn’t work that quick after having everything completely removed and gone, but hard not to panic as it was unexpected I’ve got 2 more pill packets to take before my first official ‘period’

regina79 in reply to Kate345

Oh bless you. I know what you mean. I did panic (and rightly so) when I got all those periods and heavy too :( straight after my Laparoscopy for three months in a row :( I'm very upset about it as my scan of three weeks ago said that it had grew back thanks to this horrible pill which clearly has not worked for me!! So depressing. And my pains are back now. It's a gamble really.

Is the period still there today?? I guess that if your period was due to come anyway in a couple of days then it's not too bad.. But yeah try not to panic too much. It's hard not too though, I know. xxx

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