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Natural endo remedies

Hi all, I had my first lap in January for endo and since then my symptoms have only gotten worse!! I’m looking at more natural ways to help my symptoms.

Has anyone had allergy testing to find out what foods cause inflammation? Is it worth it?

Also has anyone tried any of the ‘endo diets’ and found them helpful? Can you shed some light on what foods you cut out/what foods you’ve incorporated a lot of if they’ve helped? Or any supplements you take?

Or feel free to share anything else that you’ve found helps!

Thanks :)

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Hey I usually add fresh ginger into a cup of warm tea and I drink it. It helps me.


I went Gluten free and it has made such a difference in my life. If I have a an day where I do have some gluten the pain returns and I imeditatly regreat eating it. I take a multi vitamin and a cod liver oil tablet everyday and after a recent blood test was low in calcium and vitamin D so had to take extra of them to get levels back up. Hope you find somthing that helps your pain.

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Hi, have you seen this? nutritionist-resource.org.u...


Triggers are hard to digest food. Such as a beautiful piece of rare filet mignon or ribeye, ugh how I miss those. Those types of things take a while to break down, sit in there, ferment, cause gas and bloating all uncomfortable things.

Then on another more specific level would be the Endo Diet like you referred to. Which clearly says to stay away from estrogen growing foods, non organic hormoned upped meats, full fat dairy, fried foods, sugar, alcohol, even caffeine (I know, tragic). Then there are xenoestrogens that mimic estrogen in things like some plastics, sunscreen, food dyes (ie red dye) to insecticides (one of the big reasons we should be eating organic fruit and veg).

I try to follow it but def not strictly. Sometimes I do a low residue diet, lower in fiber, liquids like smoothies and especially soups to something eas to digest like a fried egg over white rice. Fish oil supps are important. Sometimes I do a version of the the BRAT diet, commonly followed by IBS peeps. In all my years I have found endo, and some other female issues, to have similar symptoms, complaint's to people with IBS, particularly IBS-C.

On that note, getting myself on the right kind of magnesium has helped me a good deal these past 6 weeks. I did a big blurb about it, called thanks to Natural Calm, or something like that. It has been also helping my anxiety and depression a bit too so that's great.

Good Luck!


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