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natural remedies

i have endo and pcos. has anyone tried aple cider vineger and liquirice etc? i have bad symptoms but my gp is not helful. prev had lap that lasted 3 motnhs. i have messed up period cycle, sometimes periods of very long lenghts - sometimes none at all. facial and body hair, bloating, constant faitgue, pain, vaginal dryness, thinning hair on scalp. i am a healthy weight. feeling very down, dont no what to do.

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I haven't taken any natural remedies but have heard warmed Lavender oil rubbed around there will ease discomfort. I usually result to the old faithful water bottle. Can you see your nurse instead for a second opinion or a different doctor? It is so awful when you feel so down and you feel so alone. I moved doctors after many years of my other doctor not listening to me then finally got a referral to a gyny. Best of luck xxx


Sorry lavender where? Yes i feel very down. Have seen a few gps in.my surgery - they just say no cure. Its draining. Jus wondering about apple cider vinegar etc clomid liquirice etc?


I have tried the apple cyder vinegar with raw honey

Has to be organic!!! - it made my stomach swell

So I stopped - having a hysterecemy in 2 weeks so I will try again

It helps with the PH balance in your body and is meant to be very good

Apples though do irritate me

Imp x


Dont no what to do :'(


try this website as it has some useful tips on diet endo-resolved.com/diet.html

as well as foods to avoid and vitamins that may help, if the link doesn't work trying googleing endo-resolved and it should come up, hope it helps sweetie x


Thanku so much. Has a diet change helped u?


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