Endo hangovers

Had a laparoscopy in October last year, diagnosed endometriosis & found out my bowel was much further down than it should be, with adhesions to pelvis and surrounding areas, etc.

I'm tackling symptoms through diet change, I've been doing this for a few weeks now and it's already helping - still early days, lots of trial and error, still need to completely cut out certain foods but I really recommend it!

What I'm wondering is how you guys cope with drinking alcohol? I had three glasses of red wine last night (haven't drank for months) and I have been vomiting since 7am - it's now nearly 11pm. I feel really awful, totally dehydrated with a nasty headache and bad nausea - as well as suffering more endo-related pain! I've been sipping lucozade sport all day (watered down) but it just keeps coming back up. I've tried eating plain brown rice but I'm too nauseous to get it down. My boyfriend is always in utter shock about the severity of my hangovers, I'm honestly just going to stop drinking altogether - it isn't worth it!

Anyone else suffer from hangovers from hell?

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  • You've just summed up what my hangovers can be like! I suffer awful hangovers so much so that I now only have a couple of drinks if I'm out. When I was a teenager and out nearly every weekend I used to be sick when I got home or sometimes in the club (I never drank excessively though as I knew what the next day was going to be like if I did, shots were a no no)! The next day was always a total write off as I literally couldn't get my head off the pillow and couldn't even keep water down and stomach cramps. Now when I'm out I try and limit how much I drink, sometimes I can be fine the next day and others I'm the same as above! If I mix my drinks it's awful! I think there's definitely something that doesn't agree with me. Even without alcohol I'm sick quite often but my doctor thinks it's due to the amount of pain I'm in.

  • All alcohol contains high estrogen levels from when they ferment, estrogen feeds endo.

  • I'm also sick a lot too - before surgery I was throwing up in the mornings almost everyday, without having had any booze too. I hope you agree here but I think a lot of doctors I've seen don't fully respect just HOW much endo affects other parts of the body - especially the digestive system. It's like everything is put down to pain, the answer to pain is painkillers, there you go bye. Well since I've been getting on top of my diet I'm feeling a lot better - less pain, more energy, my last period was easier, etc. And this has never been suggested to me by a doctor, I researched natural options for management of the disease myself. Naughty night of wine-drinking has written me off for days though, I'm fully gonna cut booze out of my life now. Not worth feeling like death warmed up for days. I guess living with endo means you've always got to be putting your health before everything else.

  • I've not been diagnosed with endo yet, I'm due my diagnostic laparoscopy next month as my doctor believes this is what I'm suffering from. My doctor has been quite good with the sickness, I was referred to a dietician and now have drinks that I need to take twice a day to ensure my body gets everything it needs. I've also had various tests done as my surgeon believes my abdominal pain and sickness aren't related just happens that they both have started around the same time! It is scary the amount of different painkillers I've been prescribed over the past year! If I get a diagnosis I will definitely try adjusting my diet and perhaps say goodbye to my Friday night glass of wine! X

  • Wow, sounds like you're getting really good treatment! Best of luck with your laparoscopy & recovery, stay positive :) sad but true, must cut the wine out. Can't believe how poorly it's made me, I still feel rotten and it was 2 nights ago! Sounds like I could really do with some help with my diet, those drinks sound really good. Our poor tummies! X

  • Alcohol of all kinds contains high levels of photoestrins, which can aggravate symptoms and pain since photoestrins convert to estrogen which causes endometriosis to grow.

    I would really recommend trying to not drink again if you can.

    With hangovers what cures them is high fat greasy food, so if you can get some fast food and keep it down it might help.

    Put chicken broth in ice cubes and electrolyte drinks too, suck on them, that way your stomach doesn't have to digest.

  • Alcohol also puts extra strain on your liver which is already under a lot of stress having to cope with endometriosis and the effects it has on the body. This was confirmed yesterday by green vomit and diarrhoea - bile from the liver.

    Sadly I cannot keep down high-fat greasy foods when I'm NOT hungover so I stick to brown rice, plain chicken, and that's right girl - electrolyte drinks (lucozade sport watered down because I'm THAT weak, haha). Brilliant idea about chicken broth in ice cubes!

    Absolutely going to avoid drinking completely from now on, I've had two hangovers in the last 6-8 months and it really is not worth it, just for a few drinks at the pub.

  • Alcohol is a toxin too, I've never drunk myself but have had Benadryl hangovers (I can't remember why it causes them though) and couldn't keep anything done and had all the hangover symptoms.

  • As well as the oestrogen it puts a strain on your liver which is key in managing excess hormone levels. Here are some links



    Wine and Oestrogen and Endo



  • This is really interesting thanks. I cannot cope with alcohol especially wine i pass out and vomit :( but I never would have linked it to my endo at all!

  • Really helpful & interesting, thank you.

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