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Endo diet and other natural methods of helping endo symptoms

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Hi ladies,

Just wondered whether anyone has any information on the endo diet? I've heard this talked about a lot on here. I'm quite kean to try it and anything natural that might help my symptoms. Has anyone tried it and with what results? Also I've heard acupuncture can help? Are there any books I could purchase? Also any supplements that might help? Thanks in advance! 😊 xx

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okay so me and some other endometriosis sisters was bored of the way we was and the diet we want on so we started protein world and it has helped with the bloating and that xx

Look up serrapeptase. It's amazing. Look at kimttcnumber2 her last post. It's helped me and I'm hoping it's going to rid of my dense band adhesion. Xx

Peppermint tea will change your life bloating wise! ❤️

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I bought Tia Mowry’s recipe book ‘Whole New You’. It has some really yummy recipes in it. She suffers from endo, so it has some reading in it about her journey etc, too.

Read Taking control of your endometriosis by Henrietta Norman. It’s been good for me and gives you hope. X

Read endometriosis key to healing through nutrition 🤔 I'm currently on a no gluten diet and cutting down on dairy which has helped me cope with my nausea and stomach pain I can finally eat a normal sized meal but some weeks I still get mild stomach pains and nausea 😮

Thanks ladies some good ideas. I will look into them! Anything to help is positive 😊 xx

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