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Got a follow up appointment post lap...

Hi all,

I had my laparoscopy end of March, briefly told by nurse over the phone whilst I had a minor panic attack because I knew nothing that everything seemed alright and to just wait for the appointment, I was told that my doctor/surgeon would see me within 3 to 4 months.

My pain is less now, although I am taking 2 doses of Ibuprofen a day as well as taking my pill without breaks (from now on, taking a break was a horrendous mistake) and 2 buscopan at night when my bloating is worst. Still having constant lower back pain and lower right hip pain that often spread down my right thigh.

Today I got my appointment letter... I'm supposed to wait until just short of Halloween to see him. I've had no real confirmation of what has been done or what it could be and havent even had a follow up by anyone regarding if everything was alright after the surgery (which it luckily was.)

I don't want to wait another 5 months or so to find out what's gone on so I'm going to ring and see if I can get in earlier otherwise I'm going to ring a self referal clinic.

I'm beyond fed up with the NHS, and even then I had to go private to get a lap.

Did anyone else wait that long post-lap to be checked/reviewed/etc?

Thanks to everyone here for on going support, you're all amazing xx

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I was supposed to be seen in June, but called up and asked to be put on the cancellation list. Then called up every few days to see if anyone had cancelled. And got next week.

She said people cancel all the time and that there is definilty a cancellation list .

Call up. Get on it.


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Heavens! that's awful making you wait all that time after the Lap to confirm what the diagnosis is.

If you still have symptoms that are worrying you can you not ask your GP to find out from the hospital?


Can you not see if the patients association can help?

I can understand why more patients try to go private, I had my company insurance to turn too. Saw the consultant within a week, in the hospital the next week, whilst in recovery-the consultant came to see me and said I have Endo and to make follow up appointment in a weeks time and he will talk me through it and what can be done. It sounds ridiculous that after having a private Lap you have to wait until Nov for diagnosis, ah! just a thought were you in a private hospital??

I really feel for you and wish luck, please let us know how you get on.


I never even had a follow up after mine. I did go back and get referred again. I'm now having tests with colorectal and referred to urology. I'm just fighting on.

Can you go and see your doctor to see what information they have on it x



I didn’t get a follow up appointment after my surgery or any aftercare at all. They told me they would see me in a year the only info I was giving after surgery was I have endo that was it. I still don’t have a clue where it was found or how much. I ended up with a infection in one of my incision even then I had to fight to see my surgeon after months & 7 antibiotics later he eventually saw me & told me that it wasn’t his problem they were infected, he didn’t even want to look at them because he said “after surgery they where perfect” & I also ended up in A&E twice they had to phone him that was when he decided to see me but it was a waste of my time because he didn’t even help with the infection. Personally I think they don’t really care what happens you after also I went private. I hope your experience with them is much better than mine xx


I had my lap Last tuesday. I was told my follow up will be in 4 months time. Which I'm okay about as the surgeon briefly spoke to me after the op about findings.

it's shocking the way I read some ladies stories 😔

I wouldn't have left the hospital until I knew something. As soon as my eyes opened from the anesthetic I was asking the nurse in recovery area what was found 😂 (my biggest fear was waking up to be told nothing was found. I needed an answer to my pain)

Good luck for your appointment! Xx


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