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First follow up appointment since surgery

So I had my first follow up appointment with my specialist since having surgery back in October of last year. They can't do anything for my pain, which is cyclical. She told me that unfortunately I'm just one of those woman who's very aware of what's going on in her body. Which is fair enough but mother nature is a bitch! My pain isnt manageable without some sort of hormone/contraception which I can't take because I'm trying to conceive. Although there's the next problem, I was told that because I'd been trying so long before surgery and then tried 4 months after I should have gotten pregnant if I was going to. So she believes I can't get pregnant without help, so I'm being referred to the fertility clinic to start going through tests an hopefully start ivf. Although she told me I could still keep trying naturally as you never know because nowadays you hear about miracles happening all the time. At 24 years old I would have never imagined that I'd be hearing those words. I hate my body right now, the one thing it was made to do and it can't even do that right!! I'm so angry and sad right now, being a wife and mother is all I've ever wanted to be in life. I know I was told I've got a very good chance with help, I'm just gutted it's not as easy for me as it has been so many other woman around me.

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I'm so sorry, I feel exactly the same lately and been quite teary and down about it I got married in Nov and wish for a baby but I have stage 4 aggressive which at the moment no hormones are working to shut it down. It's a hard illness to deal with anyway as I feel people don't really understand it and think it's just a heavy period then when fertility is involved it's even more heart breaking and makes the struggle even harder. Please try and stay positive at least you are on the right track to hopefully start a family even though not the way you planned feel free to dm me if you ever need to xxx

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I'm sorry life's sucking so much for you too. I'm due to get married this November it's the only thing that's been able to distract me. Have you seen a fertility specialist yet? Yes I agree totally it's hard enough to deal with but then with people who just don't understand you, feel so helpless and alone. I just hope the fertility clinic will be straight forward. It's such an emotional rollercoaster. Thank you xxx


No I see my bsge specialist next Friday then he said we will discuss fertility treatment then :( totally agree such an emotional rollercoaster. Made me giggle when I had my last lap when they have to do the pregnancy test first for everyone and it's like really? My ovaries have massive cysts on and my tubes are completely blocked and twisted and pulled down the back of my womb think there's very slim chance ha she was like you never know some women can be!! Xxx

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Good luck I'm sure you'll come away with a plan of action. Haha yes it's rather amusing isn't it. Xxx


Hi hun,

I read your post and feel the same way you do so had to reply. I have had two laps and my gynae has said I am endo clear and there is nothing stopping us from conceiving but I still get horrendous period pains and cramps for days before hand. And we are not pregnant. I feel the dread of the past two years coming back as we go round in the cycle of hopefully trying and then disappointed when my period comes and to make it worse its unbelievably painful. My hubby and I are going to try for a few more months and then will seek some further help.

I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in this and that your feelings are natural and to be expected. My brother had a little girl last year and my sister in law a boy. I am so happy for them and love my niece and nephew but it does hurt when I think about how much we want that and it might not happen.

I have been trying to focus on feeling well and enjoying life and not obsessing over getting pregnant as that is supposed to help.

Good luck with your tests and I hope you have good news soon x

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Thank you for replying.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one still experiencing this even though it's meant to have gone.

It's so disappointing every time Aunt Flo turns up and it's like why can't I get pregnant?

The pain is getting worse again every month which makes me worry it's the endo growing back. But the doctor assured me it can't be growing so soon.

We are going to keep trying until we start treatment.

I'm so sorry I understand how distressing and upsetting it must be for you.

It's so difficult to not think about it when it's all you want.

Wishing you all the luck in the world x


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