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Post lap dressing removal


Hi all,

I had my laparoscopy on 27th March so one week ago. I’m not entirely sure when to remove the dressings completely. I have changed them but I remember hearing that you take it off after a week but not sure as it’s my 1st lap.

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It depends...I changed them twice a day for three days; once in the morning so I could let it air for 30 mins and once in the evening after I'd showered. When they looked brown and healing (I had glue on mine) I took the plasters off two of them (hip and belly button). I kept the one on my bikini line on during the day as sometimes my underwear dug in. The only issue with healing was my belly button one just because it's inside, it took longer but leaving it uncovered to dry helped.

Some people say leave them on for two weeks, some take them off the next day. I prefer air healing as that's more natural, besides plasters can sometimes stick to the cuts and when scabbed over it re-opens when the plaster is removed. I think it heals quicker without a plaster, I combined air healing with colloidal silver spray to keep bacteria out. Use lots of moisturiser / oils on the scab to help healing and keep the skin soft so it doesn't itch or feel raw when it comes off. Plus moisturising / massaging will help circulation in and around the areas.

pinpops in reply to farahziya

Hi thank you for replying. I was told to keep the stitches dry for 1 week and was only given enough to change them 2 times. I have aired them when I changed them and when aired they itch like hell which I’ve been told is a sign of healing. One of the incisions have been stitched very tightly and pulled too much to the point where there is indents on two sides and a bulge/ lump in the middle which I’m hoping will smooth out as it looks like somethings tried to take a chunk off my belly. I have opened up the bottom incision stitches and belly button one today as they are less likely to tug on clothing. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get infected. Looks like it’s healing though but I’m going to go and get some more plasters tomorrow. And thank you for the tips I will defo massage them once the stitches fall off completely.

farahziya in reply to pinpops

i looked up the name and brand of the plasters I was given in my aftercare pack on amazon and ordered more on there, it's like £5 for 50 of them, and identical, cheaper than supermarkets that do 5 for the same price. I know I'll need them in the future; they work for normal cuts and grazes too.

Hi pinpops

I was advised to change my dressings twice a day for 2 weeks.

I would shower then lay down on the bed for half an hour so my skin would dry naturally but if you cannot do that i would just gently dry your wounds. Then just press gently with a sterial wipe then i used a gauze and surgical tape to redress. I would avoid plasters. Treat them gently is my big tip.

May be worth speaking to a chemist if you are going to the phramacist.

Hope you get on well. X

pinpops in reply to Merlion09

Hi merlion09,

I was told I didn’t need to change the dressing more than 2 times during the first week. And I’m wondering why they have told me this now after your comment. I wasn’t given enough of those plasters they used and was just told to keep them dry for a week. Confused.

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