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Confused after Pre-Op


Just after some advice - have just been to my pre-op laparoscopy appointment. I went expecting to talk through what happens before the op, during etc & get a date.

Instead he sat me down and spoke to me about trying different pills, the coil and if I wanted to I could have a hysteroscopy. Obviously this is different to what I was expecting (the gp told me I would have a laparoscopy and what my preop appointment was for!) now I’m really confused. I feel like the coil is being pushed on me - and it’s not really something I want to have.

Has anyone else left feeling this confused? I’ve got to go back in less than 2 weeks with my decision on how I want to proceed but I am lost in it all now!!

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Oh dear :(

A pre-op appointment is to confirm what you'd like done, check your vitals and any extra stuff you have questions about.

A hysteroscopy can be painful (camera and equipment through cervix to look at the uterus from the inside. SO they usually suggest that at the same time as the laparoscopy.

If you're unsure about the pill or coil, don't feel forced into it; you can have those later; see what happens with the lap first and then decide depending on what they find. Hormones don't work for everyone, as you'll see on here.

Is it a diagnostic laparoscopy? Are they going to remove any endo or other things they find at the time? How will they be removing the endo? Excision is best as this removes some healthy tissue around it - prevents regrowth. Will they be taking biopsies of anything they see needs investigating? I know you may not have all the answers but it's worth asking all the above as it makes a difference to your op, recovery time, treatment in the future and repeat ops.

Personally I'd call to check that you're only having a laparoscopy with hysteroscopy? Just before you have the op they'll check again. Some women have had the coil added in to the paperwork without them realising and didn't actually want it.



Thanks for your reply.

It’s deffo a hysteroscopy on its own rather than a laparoscopy. I’m just confused as I was referred for a laparoscopy after I had a vaginal scan showing polyps. They need to be removed and that was my referral. I went with all my questions and concerns about laparoscopy & he didn’t answer any of them, he didn’t even acknowledge the laparoscopy side of it, he was more pushy on having the coil fitted.

Now the doctor has confused me so much! I don’t know whether a hysteroscopy is the right thing to be having. Do I go back to my gp and ask what she thinks? I really don’t want the coil & I think it’s something they are really trying to push on people at the moment - all 4 appointments I’ve had with doctors, GP, nurses etc have all said about the coil even when I’ve said I don’t want it.



I'd definitely go back to your gp and explain that you went to the consultant he/she referred you to and they didn't talk about what the referral was for. You know your body and if you're not keen on the coil for whatever reasons then don't be forced into it. Ask to see if you can be referred to a different consultant / clinic.

I have a book on endometriosis and it says any doctor that is quick to recommend hormones or removal of uterus as a solution isn't taking into account the whole problem or using their speciality; "you should excuse yourself and make a quick exit!". The coil from a medical point of view keeps women quiet for a while, delays the need to look into what the problem is, it's suggested to cure or reverse which it doesn't do, and a lap is more expensive. But it doesn't deal with the actual issue or even investigate / try to resolve - which in your case you need and want.

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