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Is this endo?


Do I have endometriosis? I'm 43. Periods from the age of 15 were agony, heavy and long. Used to scream in pain. Doc put me on combined pill at 16. Drastic immediate improvement. Always had lower back pain with periods but otherwise bearable. No children. Sex always been uncomfortable. Headaches so at 41 stopped combined pill. Straight away dreadful IBS, back pain. Put on pop pill. Sorted IBS straightaway. Back pain stayed but intermittent. Came off cerelle after a year as weight gain, bad skin, feeling moody, fatigue. Put on noriday. Dreadful long periods. Put back on cerelle. Now have abdominal rash and back pain again. Also just found out have retroverted womb. Could I have endo? Back pain and rash are really worrying me. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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To me, it sounds really close to what I went through. However the only way to diagnose is through surgery. With me, my doctor went through two holes (belly button and pubic hair line) and I healed up rather well. The worst part for me was the hysteroscopy that he did to screen for cancer.

Remember that 1 out of every 10 women have it and you seem to have textbook symptoms. I would maybe bring it up with your doctor.

I hope you get a diagnosis!


Liz2075 in reply to kait109

Thank you. I'm on the waiting list for an ultrasound in the first instance and then a lap at a later date. My main concern is that my mum had ovarian cancer when she was in her 50s. I do have a history of endo-type symptoms going back to when I was 15 but my GP didn't investigate at the time. Trying not to be terrified to be honest!

Certainly sounds that way to me. I was only diagnosed when I had a lap to remove both my tubes prior to starting ivf. I still have no children 6 years later. Your pain and other symptoms sound very similar to my own. Remember, even if you do have surgery (lap) to diagnose Endo there is still very little they can do. I still manage my pain with Tramadol, hot waterbottles, and being on the pill (microgynon) when I can't bear any more. Try and find out about diet and things to leave out which may help you.

Wishing you all the best xx

Thank you. That's appreciated. I still can't believe the difference in symptoms since I came off the combined pill. My back is so sore and I'm constantly tired. Stress of waiting for appointments is not helping either.

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