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Is this normal- aching after lap 9 weeks ago?


i had my lap 9 weeks ago where they lasered front and back of my uterus and also my ovaries. I was told it was intensive work.

I am getting really painful aches and pains after long periods of standing or running around at work (never sitting still) and its really taking it toll. I'm also extremely fatigued even when sleep solidly at night.

Do any of you lovely ladies know if this is normal at all?

Many thanks in advance.


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Im not sure on how long the body takes to heal.

Do you have a follow up appointment? If you don’t and have concerns I’d contact his/her secretary.

Did the surgeon manage to remove all the endometriosis?

I have had two laparoscopys; both times they have left endometriosis on my bowel where they couldn’t remove; they were not endometriosis specialists. Needless to say my endometriosis symptoms returned quickly.As my endometriosis is so recurring and on my bowel I’ve been referred by my fertility specialist to an endometriosis specialist that works alongside a bowel specialist.

I hope it calms down and is just things settling down ❤️xoxo

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Thank you so much this really helps.

I think they got most of it but didn’t make this overly clear.

I hope you are doing well and feeling ok xxx

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Hey x all very normal, especially if you have had a alot of work done.

It takes the body around 12 weeks to heal internally even though it's a small entry wound and that healing effort is very tiring.

Here a description of the body's healing process which I found useful.


Turmeric and ginger are anti inflammatory in nature and may help diet wise.

It took me many months to start back to work, though I did have a major complication.

I think you typically have a 3 and 6 months review, at least I did.

If your pain worsens or is persistent beyond that then it's possible you have nerve pain from surgery or developed neuropathic or functional pain and may benefit from seeing a pain specialist.

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This is extremely helpful thank you. I’m going to make an appointment ASAP but I have a six month review booked I believe.

I’m currently on the hot water bottles and I do take Turneric and I have noticed a difference.

Thank you again, really helps to have people like you on here xx

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I guess it’s normal I think I felt this way when I was on my feet for a while. See how you go, if it doesn’t improve in a few weeks see ur dr xx

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