Keep crying after lap! Normal?

Hi all, hope you are doing well :) I had my first lap on Friday and I was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis. This wasn't a shock, it really looked like I had it and I'm relieved that there is a real reason for all my pain. However since then, I have been feeling quite emotionally drained and I keep crying, at least once everyday, and I don't really know why. I just feel really fragile. They warned me that this might happen, but I just want to make sure that this is normal? Will it go away? I'm trying to be kind and very patient with myself as I know it is an emotional and physical shock to my body. I just want to feel like me again.

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Hi Tamsin. It is completely normal. To be told you have both endo and adeno is a lot to come to terms with. I was diagnosed beginning of July with both so I know exactly how you are feeling. Don't be too hard on yourself it will get better. If you want to chat pm me. Take care best wishes jeanette

Hi lovely for the week after my lap I would just burst in to tears, sometimes for no reason. I felt terribly fragile but It will get better. Talk to those around you about how your feeling x

Oh my god yes its normal and so so horrible, i feel for you lovely!! I felt like an emotional wreck for a few weeks after my lap, I knew the diagnosis was coming and stuff so wasn't shocked but couldn't help feeling like 'why me!' I was off work for 2 weeks and spoilt rotten by everybody around me, it helped to be so looked after but you really do need to have some 'me time' and look after yourself well. Hope you feel better very soon xx

I completely understand this. I felt like I was losing the plot but everyone around me reassured me it was because of the anaesthetic and trauma to my body. I felt really pathetic but better once everyone reassured me it was normal. Take care of yourself lovey. I hope you feel better very soon x x x

Thank you everyone for your lovely replies. It's good to know it's very normal what I am feeling! I'm starting to feel more like myself again, getting a little stronger everyday :) x

Don't worry you will feel better, everyday is a step to feeling good again. It's just your body healing and the anesthetic in your system. It is a big shock, physically and mentally to process. Wishing you well, and a speedy recovery. xx

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