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Problems with DWP

Hi folks

I am writing this on behalf of my sister, my sister has known learning disability, has arthritis in her hands and neck, has severe attacks of vertigo, cannot stand noisy environments or too hot and even the coldness affects her at times, she has to use a walking stick to keep herself stable and cannot grip lids on jars or bottles to undo them and she cannot travel alone or go anywhere because of not only a previous attack when she had her handbag pinched but because of her vertigo she feels unstable so I have to take or go with her everywhere, and being her carer 24/7 I have to do quite a bit of the household chores and deal with forms and letters that she might get because she does not always understand and even some telephone calls I have to deal with. Now just lately, my sister had an assessment in Chelmsford at the job centre because she was on ESA and now after a few weeks they wrote to her saying her ESA has or will be stopped because they say she can do some work, I telephoned the department and I had to fill in a CRM1 form which is the mandatory reconsideration form and send this back, to say the least it has totally destroyed her and brought up not only her stress levels but made her even more anxious it also has put an awful lot of pressure on me knowing the fact that her benefits that she was entitled to will go and I will be paying the full rent on our place. I am not quite sure where we go from here, its like being a sitting duck waiting to be shot, I am in belief that the DWP just want people to get to such a state and die by killing themselves in some way, I know I feel like this and might as well be dead.

Kenneth Pallant

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