Endometriosis and hair problems

I just wanted to ask if any others had problems, especially with hair dye.

I'm wondering if there is a link between endo and hair colour being altered...I know that that is the case during pregnancy and wondered if it was similar?

For the last 6 month when I dye my hair it just doesn't go the same colour when I'm using the same shade, brand etc. And since my surgery my hair is hardly taking the dye at all. And if it does it has come out after about 2 weeks (I use perminant)

If anyone has had something similar, even with changes in skin etc....please share


Faye xx

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  • I have constant problems with my hair being very dry and falling out more than it should. Especially during times when my endo is bad. I keep bringing it up with doctors, but they don't think it is anything. My hair also started going grey much sooner than other family members'. Haven't had this experience with hair dye though!

  • My hair falls out really badly, my boyfriend will run his fingers through my hair and everytime he gets a handfull of hair.

    My hair colour never turns out how its suppose to, whether thats connected or not I have no idea :/


  • Hi! I've not had any problems with hair dye, but have really bad problems with my hair falling out. As Londongrl68 has said, I've brought it up with doctors and they don't seem to see any connection, but it's very distressing :-( xx

  • Hello Faye,

    I am the same as you; permanent hair dye just seems to wash out of my hair within weeks too! I was wondering if it was down to the combination of drugs I am on but if you are saying it happens to you also maybe it is something to do with endo and hormones instead.

    My hair is prone to falling out too and I have noticed that it can be worse with some brands of shampoo then it is with others, which I have no explanation for at all. I did go to the doctor when my hair started falling out and she did run all the usual blood tests but everything came back as normal.

    Victoria x

  • Thanks so much for your replies. My hair falls out a lot too, and it has left the sides of my hair at the front completely bald but has finally started coming through again. I'm putting that down to a mixture of stress and putting too much dye on my hair. But it just seemed like too much of a coincidence that all my problems with hair and my skin started when i found my symptoms getting worse. I am on birth control (yasmin) so i know that has to be accounted too. It's just annoying that when you don't feel beautiful on the inside (literally) that your actual appearance is affected too :(

    Oh well, head up and carry on as always :) xx

  • I've experienced hair thinning as well which I have always considered link to hormonal issues. The more I've been reading about the impact of toxins on endo as well has led m to question whether I should be dying my hair. I've started using natural paraben free hair products to see if that helps reduce my toxic load! You're right though it's very upsetting when hair starts falling out, particularly if you also have the added problem of chin hair!!!

  • Nope, never had this. But a lot of women with endometriosis are talking medications or hormones I could see those interferring with with your color results. I have also been told that avoiding coloring at that time of the month but again that's hormones. And hormones can be messed up by endometriosis so I suppose its quite possible. I personally haven't had any experiences though with my hair color going wrong.And permanent color coming out? If you've lightened and then colored I can see that especially if it's a highlight shade like red or blonde not a base color like neutral Brown.And if you've pre-lightened color at some point prior you need a filler for a highlight shade to hold.

  • I do suffer from rosacea don' t know if it's a separate issue or if it's just a weakened immune system response but I'be had both as long as I can remember.

  • Hi there, My hair comes out a lot too. I make my own colour with Henna, Black tea, fenugreek seeds and Coconut oil. It's more gentle than the chemicals and I think my hair falls out less with it. I just had a bright red colour done at the hairdressers using chemicals again and wishing I hadn't.

  • I am so glad i seen this post. My hair has been falling out for years, when i run my fingers through my hair i get massive clumps. I never even considered it being linked to my endo. Also my skin is very prone to acne breakouts which is quite embarrassing at 29.

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