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Endometriosis causing problems in pregnancy!!

This is my first post here and feel slightly guilty as I'm one of the lucky ones to have been able to have children while having these horrendous conditions. I was diagnosed 8 years ago with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. My two previous pregnancies were fine. However I am finding this pregnancy very hard. I am 27 weeks pregnant and I have constant abdominal pain. Made worse by sneezing, coughing and even baby moving. It's getting worse as the pregnancy progresses. I've been told it is due to the adhesions and scar tissue. I feel like things are being ripped or like I'm being stabbed. I had a scan at 24 weeks to make sure the scar tissue is not getting too thin. 

I'm scared as the weeks go on, how bad will it get? Has anyone else had similar experiences of this? Thank you for reading

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Hey lovely im exactly in the same boat atm im 33wks preg and in agony with my left side due to endo adhesions and scarring i thought it was just me having this trouble so never asked on here. This is my 1st miracle as ive been diagnosed for nearly 16yrs and was told id never get pregnant. Infort im not going to lie it doesnt get easier with baby turning etc im finding it worse. 

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Hey, thank you so much for your reply... I also thought I was alone with this and just needed to hear from someone that I'm not just going crazy!!

Aww so pleased for you after all this time you have had to wait. Goes to show that the doctors are not always right!! 

Yes I am realising that the pain is getting worse every week. It's meant to be such a happy time but is in fact making me feel quite low. Counting down the weeks until Baby is here keeps me going....


Hello I had exactly the same with my pregnancy in the end my consultant prescribed me codeine type tablets to take. He reassured me this is safe to take during pregnancy and baby was absolutely fine.

Ask to speak to a consultant as midwife told me I could only take paracetamol which was rubbish xx

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Hello, thank you for your reply. Yes I have also been given codeine. I don't find these to be much help either, just that they dope me up so I don't think of the pain as much. So I don't bother taking them unless I really can't cope. 

Glad to hear that you got through the same and baby was fine 😊


Ive been on codiene from 24wks and theyve told me if it doesnt help to go in and im being induced at 38wks which ill be giving actual date for on wed. (ive suffered for weeks and wouldnt go) but the last few days ive been going crazy and im not sure if im leaking waters too so im going up later tonight. Ive been prescribed 30mg and on 1 or 2 every 6hrs. But i honestly find them crap even with a top up of paracetamol x


They gave me codeine when I was 16 weeks but I have not bothered taking them for a while as I feel it's pointless. I can't be doped up and still in pain with two children to deal with. I have a bump support to wear and crutches to use but that does not help either.

I am having a c section as had to have two previous. I do wonder whether I will make it until 39 weeks?? Have they suggested 38 weeks for you to be induced due to your pain then? You do honestly feel crazy and as though you just don't know what to do with yourself.

I hope everything is okay with you when you go later. Will be thinking of you x


Hi, 27 + 4 here and starting to experience some issues too. Had to rest all day today due to what I can only describe as 'pressure' in lower pelvis and some pain. Baby is fine and bouncing away, like you that is making it worse for me! Have also developed PGP - physio says likely due to having numerous surgeries/not being able to exercise last few years - lost my core strength and pelvis is effectively knackered! 

It's still not as bad as worst Endo pain though in either case so I'm not feeling like I have too much to complain about. I'd reckon get yourself off on maternity sooner rather than later. Xx


Hey, thank you for your reply. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you.....

I also have PGP and sciatic nerve problems although the pain I am having is separate to them. I was having physio every two weeks for them but now been told by my consultant to stop. 

He believes the pain is from the ligaments that are connected to the uterus. Like any they will not mend until rested which won't happen until baby is born. He did state that he could not possibly rule out the pain from adhesions or scar tissue without looking inside. Which is not an option obviously. 

I hope that yours improves and try to get a bandage support for bump from your physio. I found it really does help for the pelvic pain x


That's strange consultant told you to stop physio. I only had two sessions then she basically said there's nothing more I can do just bed rest and get on with it basically! She's posting me out a belt but can only use it when standing or walking, can't wait as bump getting heavy now!

Hope you're feeling a bit better this week, on the bright side 10-12 wks to go so you're almost there. Rest up and do what you can to get comfy, I like the birth ease ball makes me feel more comfortable and takes pressure off pelvis, maybe would help align your ligaments/pelvis into a more comfortable position too? Really feel for you it isn't easy, take care of yourself - you'll have a beaut baby to look forward to so concentrate on that and organising stuff for hosp/new baby - that's certainly taken my mind off it! X


I did think it was strange but the physio was trying to put my pelvis back into alignment every time. So I'm guessing that the consultant is worried this could be pulling on the ligaments too. That's good that you are getting a belt, although be warned my little bundle of joy does not like me wearing it! Haha Not that I blame baby as it must be getting tight in there as it is... I really hope that it helps you.

I feel less worried that it's not life threatening now. Although the struggle with pain and not being able to do a lot gets me down. Really getting the urge to blitz the house and prepare, yet I can't do anything. Counting down the weeks and thinking of baby being here is keeping me going. It looks like they will deliver early at 38 weeks due to everything so only 10 to go....

Thank you for your advice and sorry about my moaning xx


Ah don't be daft - is good to share and Endo ladies def do have a tougher time with preg pain and fatigue! Yes babs is letting me know anytime I so much as lean forward that I am cramping their style haha - so no doubt restriction of a belt will not be popular!!

If it's any consolation I am finding the restriction in terms of what I can do really frustrating too - no hoovering/mopping/etc when I have the urge to do it all simultaneously!! Started off wanting to get 3 rooms redecorated and fresh, has now expanded to well wouldn't it be nice to have the whole house done and oh what about the outside .... But holding myself back from anymore reorganising and disruption. Or to be honest hubby is - 'get to bed, you know I'm right' *sigh* he has a point, whole pelvis locked really bad and had me bed bound few days ago and getting the Endo pain like you too now. 

Enjoy the last ten wks as much as you can chick and rest assured you're far from only one with this , all there with you! X


Aww thank you, it is really nice to have someone to talk to. Yes Endo ladies really do and only have each other to fully understand. Yes amazing how babies already have a way of letting you know when they don't like something haha...

I agree it is very frustrating with what you can and can't do. Especially when all you can do is sit and think of everything you actually want to do... My partner is exactly the same with me. He is over the moon when he comes home, if I have sat around and not attempted anything all day. People say take advantage of the rest and enjoy it.... Hmm not that easy when you are so use to being busy.

Ouch!! That sounds painful.... Sounds like you do need to take it easy. Sorry to hear you are now getting the Endo pain as well. 

Yes I will do as it will be my last baby so will cherish every movement I feel x


Cheeky84 applebird hey ladies how are both doing? 


Hey Gemx85x, haven't had the best week - pain has moved to left hip as well as right/middle so am finding it difficult to sit at a desk now/sleep, between that and guzzling gaviscon! Not sure what way it's going to play out, have a lot of work on so wondering if stress is making it worse? At hospital next week so will ask their advice. Third trim def wearing! Otherwise pretty good. How are you doing? X


Aw have u got pelvic pain? It aslo could be liagment pain with stretching. 3rd tri is defo the hardest. When do u go on mat leave? Can ur dr not sign u off earlier so u can rest. I had a bad week too i doubled up as i went to go shopping so took my self over to dr coz it was across the rd who sent me to mau. When i seen consulant it was the consulant id seen a few days before and had booked my induction for 24th ive now gotta go back clinic on 17th and induction is being changed to that day instead. This pain is driving me insane but im on complete rest too untill then cos if i end up in before im being kept in and induced at 37wks. Im 36 on tuesday but a week in hospital isnt what i want. How far are you now xx 


30wks, am on a course at the moment so just need to have final presentations/essays in. Then exams; due to be finished when 34+ wks. Thinking may postpone some until baby is born to take pressure off but will be a challenge when they're here just the same so much of a muchness!

Soz you've had a rubbish time of it this week but you're almost at the finishing line! Friend of mine had induction acupuncture and spent a lot of time bouncing on her ball to avoid induction; baby came naturally 6 1/2 lb but very healthy xx


Aw if exam is to finish id just do it. I didnt finish work till 32 or 33 wks due to having barbering to finish done it in the end. Oooo whats induction accupture think ill look into it.to be honest since i finished work ive not stopped im constantly walked or going somewhere ive bought a ball today so going to pump it up tonight and get using it. My baby is estimated at 8-9.05lb😂 defo hoping its not 9lb. Do u know ur  what ur having xx


Well how did the ball go?! 

I can't  wait to get done now, getting to the big uncomfortable stage! Lol induction acupuncture usually done by fertility specialist or someone with gynae background to speed up the natural process, exercise will help with inducing labour too - friend of mine 3 wks early with first, she hadn't even stopped work at that stage! Best to just let it all take its course though and let babs stay in there as long as poss, until due date anyway - though I know they plan to induce you early.

God I have no idea what my baby is estimated at yet!! Hubbys family baby's all 6-8lbs, my family generally 8.3-13.... Gulp! And that one was a girl - anyone's guess! We know what we're having but not getting too attached to the idea just incase radiographer wrong, you hear about it all the time, so long as baby is happy and healthy and all that jazz. What about you did you guys find out? Found a Pilates class for post birth to sort out the pelvis! :-) xx


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