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Endo or bowel problems?!?


Hi I’m New here :)

I have been sent a gyni appointment for December but I’m not sure if I should be going there or to gastro (neither does gp so he just opted for gyni as pain is only left side around ovary area)

I’ve been diagnosed with ibs for around 4years and been on the pill for around 7 as I had severely painful periods (vomiting and passing out) but the Pill has helped the pain. But I get this constant rectal pressure and it’s driving me crazy like I need to go to the loo all the time but I don’t, gp said it’s just the ibs but I’m getting it every day even when bowel movements are normal (Sorry tmi)

So Yh how do you even know if you have endo or bowel trouble or even endo on the bowel?

I’ve had ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasound too which didn’t show anything

Sorry if that’s a lot of waffle

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I was told I have ibs I saw a different doctor about my period symptoms they sent me to a gyno then after I found out many women with endo have ibs or bowel problems. I've not had my lap to find out if its endo yet but my doctors dertmined it is. Also it doesnt mean my ibs is related to endo but my butt bleeding (tmi sorry) during my period I would say is definitely endo. So I would say visit the gyno mention your ibs and bowel problems and period problems. If you dont mind me asking what are your symptoms?

Button11 in reply to Abi_97

Abi_97 I just didn’t know what to expect from my first appointment at the hospital because I don’t know if I’ll even be in the right place, I’ll feel bad being there if I should have been referred to gastro :/.

I just have a lot of reoccurring pain and discomfort in my Lower left pelvic area not extreme pain but it’s there a lot of the time. My period pain has eased a lot since the pill but I still get it and it’s obly in the centre and to the left side. Sometimes pain when I pass stool when on period but not all the time. Sometimes pain after I urinate (not just when on). Sometimes pain during intercourse (depending on position, sorry) had more clots in period and it’s very dark especially at the beginnning it’s almost black but I know that can be normal. Tiredness, weakness feeling like I have a full bladder more often. And occasionally I bloat usually around period. I just have this constant rectal pressure too which is driving me absolutely mad!!

The gp thinks it’s just anxiety and ibs though as I get mucus in stool and bouts of not extreme alternating stool but my stools change now and again so been looking at food diaries too, I’m just so confused.

Thank you for your reply( Sorry for all the detail)

Abi_97 in reply to Button11

Dont worry even if they refer you to someone else its fine but you have just described most of my syptoms and I'm getting tested for endo. When you go into your first gyno appointment make sure you tell them everything I've had two appointments and in each one I've always forgot something haha. I was first diagnosed with ibs and anxeity I was sent to a therapist which didnt help at all because for me yes I accept I get stressed and anxious but my main cause of ibs is endo and food. I have since cut out gluten and cut down on dairy I definitely see the difference I treat myself to lots of cheese and milk shake and a curry after my last hospital appointment that same night I had awful gas and bowel movements next time I wont have as much dairy haha. But yeah when you go to the hospital tell them everything and a lot of women have ibs when they have endo sometimes endo is even mistaken for ibs. Try not to worry too much on the first appointment they will quiz you and they will do a pelvic examination (maybe even a rectal one they did it for me because I bleed down there on my period) but it will be fine.

Button11 in reply to Abi_97


Thank you for your reassurance :) I started taking probiotics for my ibs and I think they’ve helped especially if your sensitive to dairy. I have also gut down gluten and dairy as my partner is gluten sensitive so I just eat what he eats as it’s easier.

I think my gp should have done rectal examination tbh but he said oh you said you’ve had one before haven’t you and they couldn’t feel anything? I said yeh that was 3 years ago.. and he just said that’s ok then the only thing that really causes rectal pressure is bowel cancer and you won’t have that at your age!

Thanks again,

Feel a bit better knowing what to expect from my appointment :)

Abi_97 in reply to Button11

I used to take probiotics but they are so expensive and I got worried about how much vitamins I'm getting so I take multi vitamins and minerals hah. Thats good your partner is gluten free as well. My partner is a vegetarian so my family call us the awkward couple haha . Your doctor is probably right about bowel cancer but they should of checked lets hope the gyno does. Good luck 🤞🏻

deedeeme in reply to Button11

Ibs and neuroendocrine cancer symptoms can be the same. My daughter who is 42 was just diagnosed. Not many doctors know about this. Hugs.

Hi, this sounds so much like what I have. Which is diverticulitis, not saying that is what you have but try & read up on it. I had to have a hystorectomy when I was only 33,but I already had my children by then. That was due to endometriosisome. I was under gynecologist & also colorectal surgery department. See your gynecologist, he will know where to go from there & if you need referring. Good luck, try not to worry.

Button11 in reply to Whiteley51

Thank you Whiteley51 i have looked at that but it said it was only really found in people around 40+, I’m only 25 but I guess you can still get it st any time

Whiteley51 in reply to Button11

Well I 1st had it with pain & mucus when I was pregnant @ 20 years old & has got worse over the years. I'm under investigation again at the moment, but I'm now a young 66 year old. Take care, hope all goes well for you.

See if you can get an appointment with a gastroenterologist just in case there is something more to this rectal pressure. Hugs.

Button11 in reply to deedeeme

deedeeme i will thank you. I’m so scared they’ll say I need camera :(

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