Chronic back problems with Endo

Hi I'm wanting to know of anyone diagnosed with Endometriosis has had ongoing back problems. Not the pain associated with menstruation but chronic back problems. Only asking as I am being treated for Endometriosis but where I live, the doctors won't provide the laproscopic diagnostic surgery until they try to treat the symptoms first. Thanks!

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  • Hi endo on the us ligaments can cause lower pack pain, as the nerves that run along them join onto the sciatic nerve. Hope this helps.

  • What are the US ligaments? Also my problem is that my pelvis ends up misaligned every other week causing a lot of pain. I'm trying to figure out if it's related to Endo. Thank you for your input. :)

  • They are the ligaments that support the uterus. They run alongside it and round towards the back.

  • Unfortunately I have no answers for this but I wanted you to know you are not alone since having nodules I've had horrific back ache I had nodules removed and now 3 months later back aches returned I am still battling to get answers to this I just wanted you to know you are not alone go back and don't stop until you are happy with what they say

  • I had my first lap on Wednesday and was diagnosed with endo. My flare ups would always start with lower back pain and right hip pain, I would have difficulties standing up, walking (even short distances) and my back would often lock. The only things I found to ease the pain were strong pain killers, red tiger balm and hot water bottle.

  • I also suffer with really bad lower back pain, it is now also waking me through the night and getting worse. I had endo but was removed during my lap in July. But still suffering with endo symptoms so I don't know what's going on with my body but my back hurts so much every day I never get a break from it its constant. No matter what pain relief I take it doesn't help πŸ˜” x

  • I was rushed into hospital for emergency surgery as I had severe stomach cramps, after 8hrs of surgery I was diagnosed with endo and had an overy removed, since surgery I have had severe back problems, the last 2 months I have started a plan with natural supplements and have noticed a difference already, please contact me as I would love to advise you about the plan I am on

  • I would love to hear more about the natural remedies you are using xx

  • Thank you all so much for your input. Unfortunately I'm in the very early stages and haven't had a full diagnosis though they are treating me for it as I have all the symptoms. Do they easily provide laps to residents in the UK? Here the doctors make you try to treat it with birth control for a very long time before providing a laproscopic surgery to diagnose. It's quite frustrating. They are concerned with the "risks" involved with the surgery but if I'm already completely miserable and in pain all the time, you would think the surgery wouldn't be an issue.

  • This is exactly what happened to me, since having all the symptoms of endo and it constantly being mentioned over the years through all my appointments, i am finally going for a lap next week. But they didn't offer it easily, i have tried every pill there is and other things, they are fitting the coil st the same time but were only planning to do that and not the lap so were STILL not planning to actually diagnose me! i just cried at my last appointment and shouted at my doctor and demanded a lap, i think he felt sorry for me and that's why i got one! you need to be absolutely firm and demand one! us girls deserve an answer! i see your post was a while ago, hope you have since been referred at least x

  • Yes - I was only diagnosed after the hospital physio sent me for a full spinal MRI. My GP referred me to them due to chronic back pain, even though I also had pains in my abdomen.

  • I have lower back pain due to whiplash and chronic hip pain due to another illness.

    I get very bad pelvic pain and feel like a truck has hit my ovaries.

    I would say my endo doesn't help my hip pain or pain in my groin and it can be hard to tell the difference between a flare up in my chronic pain and a flare up with my endo.

    So in answer to your question......yes endo could be causing you lower back pain.

    I hope the treatment that your doctor provides helps you.

    Keep us updated. X

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