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Laparoscopy surgery advice re stomach swelling as day goes on


Hello everyone, I've just joined the forum and would like some advise please. I had an emergency laparoscopy which resulted in removal of scar tissue and diathermy to endometriosis. I had three weeks off work to recover and have returned this week. As the day goes on my stomach swells up and is very painful, I am already taking lactulose, is this normal? Four weeks after surgery I still cant wear my normal clothes! Any advice gratefully received. X

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Some women can have a swollen stomach for up to several weeks, just take it easy and things should de-swell soon.

Tinkerbell16 in reply to Lovisa

Thank you x

Hi there,

Sorry you're feeling like that. Im three weeks down and I'm the same I'm bloated and cant wear normal clothes. I think its normal so try not to worry.

I would see your GP just to be reassured. Is your tummy soft or hard? Good youre taking lactulose but there might be something else you can have if its not strong enough.

Hope you get better x

Thank you, I've stopped taking the lactulose as I've read it can make my irritable bowel worse. Hopefully we will feel back to normal very soon! X

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