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Scared of this laparoscopy surgery.

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Hello all. Im 34, and just did an ultrasound yesterday and the doc found out my ovarian cyst on the left is almost 5cm and suggested me to do the laparoscopy surgery.. I don't know what to expect and then I've been looking for the scary possibilities that may occur during n after the surgery (which i shouldn't 😬😬) and now I'm scared. Hope to get some advice.

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I can’t offer any advice, I’m also waiting for my first lap and now it’s really going to happen I feel scared too! But I’ve read so many positive stories about how it went and the recovery after it. I really hope your surgery goes well and have a swift recovery xx

Thank you love, I hope the same for you too 💕.

I totally get you, I’ve been putting surgery off for 5 years honestly. I kept reading this bad things that may happen so I avoided it and just tried managing the endo with natural approach.

But to be honest, I wouldn’t advise to put it off for too long. It depends on the case, but if we’re talking about cysts there are complications that happen because of untreated cysts. For example, it may rupture and cause excruciating pain or even more depending on the cyst. Or it may end up displacing or twisting the ovaries. If that happens then the consequences of a twisted ovary can be even removal. So there are plenty of benefits and reasons to go for it.

In my case I put off the surgery and had cysts on both ovaries, one was 6cm and the other 2cm. Now my ovaries are displaced and stuck behind the uterus because of endometriosis. But I’m still lucky they didn’t twist.

I did an MRI and I also have adhesions on my bowels and the risks for not having a surgery are way worse, since one can start bleeding from behind, and the bowels may get perforated and you’ll get an infection, which is serious and can be fatal if untreated.

So as you see it’s about balancing out what you can gain from the surgery. If it is an endometrioma the chances of the cyst to go on its own is lower since it may be a complex cyst.

If course there are still risks with any surgery but we need to trust the doctors and the team, that they are experts and will do a great job.

I’m waiting for my surgery so I totally get you. I’ve put it off for too long so I’m trying to see why it’ll be good to go for it now.

There’s something that may easy your mind, if you’re somewhat spiritual. You can ground the doctors, team, surgery room and utensils so everything goes well. It’s this cool thing that’ll make you put good thoughts into it and positive energy, whilst changing your mindset from being anxious.

Good luck 😉

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Thank you for sharing and kind words. I'm sorry u have to deal with that too.

I have this with me for 5 years now and it just keep grow in size.

My doc explained the same thing, about how it can get twisted to the ovary and also it can rupture and cause stabbing pain and yes, i don't want that either. Both circumstances are scary.

I have to agree with you, i just need to trust God and the team. its not going to help if i keep having this negative thoughts, anyhow, it still needs to be done 🤷‍♀️.

I hope everything goes well and luck to you too!!

I had a diagnostic laparoscopy which was just 30 mins and woke up feeling great!! A few months later I had the laparoscopic Excision surgery which took 3.5 hours and woke up feeling understandably groggy but after 48hrs felt great. Very little pain and back exercising after 1 week (walking etc) then built back up gradually after this. My endo was all bowel related and the pain was immediately relieved and within 6 months I was pregnant also which was the letter issue affecting me. Every surgery is different but wanted to let you k ow about my very positive experience.

I didn’t have much choice in the surgery, if I had left it any longer the consultant said that The endo cells would have infiltrated my bowel tissue and then I would have needed a bowel resection.

I’d say - make sure you have a specialist consultant & talk over your concerns with them if poss.

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Katqueen in reply to CTDUK

Thank you for sharing this! And for the advice. This story somehow lifted some of these negative clouds all over my head. 💐. I want to write more but since english is my second language, i can't really express what i want to say to all these beautiful people who i is replying to me, I really hope everyone will do just fine after all of these 'tests'.

I will talk to one of the specialists,( just got her name yesterday from a friend) and I'm so going to make an appointment to see her and will discuss about all this. I really hope she could share anything that will clear away my concerns and hope i can share with all of you here too, or for those who in need of this information. 💕💕


I hope you’re okay? I just wanted to say that I recently had a 4cm cyst and was told to wait a few weeks to see if it drained itself enough rather than have surgery - it did in the end and it was determined that it was a haemorrhaging cyst. Is yours a solid cyst? If not, and if you’re hesitant about surgery it might be worth exploring strong pain relief and trying to wait it out. It was rough but I’m the end it was easier than recovering from another lap. Xx


I was petrified before lap, never had an op before in fifty one years. All sorts run through your mind. On the day I wasn’t as bad with nerves and it wasn’t anything like I’d been imagining. I always use Emla cream before an injection so didn’t feel it when they give you whatever to fall asleep. The next thing is you’re in recovery. They monitor things so well and are so professional. I didn’t feel sick after, well nothing worth mentioning, that was more getting up to go to loo.

I had morphine in the recovery area, but the nurse wouldn’t give me any a bit later until I’d eaten something, had to force a piece of toast down 😂

Even if they say you’ll be out the same day take some overnight things just in case you’re last on the list.

I feel more prepared for next month.

I don’t know if this helps, if you have questions let me know.

Will they treat at the same time, not just look?


I had surgery about 4 years ago and found the scariest part was waiting for it to happen! I was out of hospital the same day, although suffered slightly from shoulder pains from the air they pump into you I didn't experience any other bad effects from the surgery.

Good luck with your surgery!

I had a laparoscopy December 2019 & it was absolutely fine. Nothing to worry about at all, feel abit stiff after but other than that totally fine! Just think of it as a nice deep sleep haha. I hope your surgery goes well xx

Hi. I had a lap when I was 18 in 2018, and it was scary but it was worth it for finding out and also was out of pain for 1.5-2 years. I’m going back in on the 24th of this month for another. Every surgery has its risks, and so does the anaesthetic! Make sure you take some time to calm yourself and I know any normal human does this however try not to look at the negative reviews and experiences and it will hinder yours. I had a fab experiences and recommend it for anyone who wants answers!

Hi! It’s a scary thing but hopefully it will help you in the long run and give you some answers. I found out I had endo by chance by an emergency ovarian cyst rupture.

Your surgical team will make you feel at ease and any questions you have! I have 100’s!

The laparoscopy itself is fine as your under general anaesthetic, just like a good night sleep and you’ll wake up in the ward or day surgery, you’ll feel a bit groggy afterwards and I found it difficult to walk for about a week or so and the gas they use can be quite sore when coming out - more muscular pain in your shoulder.

Should be back on your feet in 2 weeks. :)

Take care abs hope it goes well xx

Hi there I had a laparoscopy in Nov 2019 because I had a large cyst on my right ovary discovered during scan , it was 10cm , I was worried like you before going in as is with these medical things I always get anxious , but to be honest it was absolutely fine , there was no need panic , I can’t remember a thing only being taken in to theatre & waking up in recovery . They discovered it was a large endometrioma cyst which they drained & diagnosed me with endo.

I had a bit of pain but not a lot after wards & went home the same day , the only thing was you get all full with gas after the procedure for a few days which caused aching in my shoulders & chest . All back to normal within a week or so

Wishing you all the best for your treatment x

Hi, I had Laparoscopy last month, and just like yourself I was absolutely terrified of the surgery. looking back, it was not as bad as I was thinking, I healed nicely and there was no complications.

I rested a few days after the surgery had lots of warm tea and some pain killers to help me with pains.

Good luck xx

Hi, I've had a benign 4cm cyst removed from my fallopian tube with keyhole surgery in May. It's weird because the ultrasound showed the cyst was on my left ovary though. After the surgery you will expect to feel really bloated and abit of discomfort but you will be fine. Make sure you drink alot of peppermint tea, it helped me to pass out wind and gave me a relief . Bad news is that 6 months after the surgery, I had an ultrasound following up a miscarriage and they found another cyst on my left ovary. And this cyst they described looked alot like the one I had before although abit bigger 6cm, can't help to think they actually removed the other cyst on fallopian tube but not the one on ovary, really confused. I've been referred to gynaecology to do more scans and follow up and I'm likely to have another surgery to remove this cyst again😥 jope the surgery goes well for you, all the best x

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