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Swelling after diagnostic laparoscopy


Hi all, I'm new here. I had a diagnostic lap on 8/3/19 and excision of endometriosis at the back of my uterus. This was my first one and I'm struggling with the swelling after the op. My tummy is really bloated and uncomfortable, so much so that I don't feel hungry most of the time. Is this normal? I was not prepared for this clothes-wise, so I've been wearing massive jogging bottoms or oversized pyjamas. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't know why, but I didn't realise that the recovery would take this long...I thought I would be back to my normal routine today but I'm still really sleepy and sore.

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Hey, everyone recovers different, I took around a week to start going gym (not recommended) and doing my daily routine but sleeping was awful for around 2 weeks as I couldn’t get comfy with the incisions. I suffered with fatigue for around 1-2 months and would take naps during the day which isn’t like me.

I was bloated for a while which is normal as there is swelling internal as your organs will have been pushed, poked etc. I used an ice pack around my incisions and gently rubbed over my stomach which helped a bit just don’t apply pressure.

I lived in baggy t-shirts twice my size for a while and lived off jelly and toast haha.

Don’t rush recovery, take your time and only do things when you think you’re well enough otherwise it can delay recovery or rip your stitches etc xxxx

Thanks so much for responding. I'm so relieved to hear that this is normal. I left post-op with basically no recovery advice and they didn't even arrange a follow-up with me. Been getting a little better every day til today where I feel really down and quite sore. Was thinking about going back to work tomorrow but I think I'll need to wait til next week.

It’s okay and yeah don’t rush, recovery is like a rollercoaster as well so don’t worry if you feel great one day and awful the next, it will eventually settle down. Yeah I left the hospital with hardly any information as my nurse finished for the day and I got the night nurse who wasn’t very nice.

Oh dear. You'd think they would have all of this figured out and ensure we are completely informed before we leave the hospital. Thanks for all of your advice x

Hiya, please take your time! I didn’t have any advice after my first laparoscopy so I started doing my daily routine within a week of surgery and ended up in hospital for 4 nights with internal damage.

Wear loose clothing, don’t lift anything too heavy for a few weeks even if you feel fine, avoid extensive exercise for a few weeks and don’t over do it at work.

After my second surgery I was actually told that I may feel okay but my insides may take up to 12 weeks to heal! xx

Oh wow, what a scary experience! Hope you're okay now. I'm glad you told me this as I've definitely been overdoing it by the sounds of things x

Hi Ciara, I’ve had two investigations which resulted in lazer treatment on endometriosis. They blow your stomach up so it’s better for the opp. It will go down, initially I was told two weeks recovery. No chance. It takes a good while for everything to settle down, and for you too feel well in yourself. Take care x

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Thank you for this. I was told at least a week but given no further advice. I flew home yesterday and that was a pretty rough experience. The flight was fine but just getting around the airport and transferring onto two trains really hurt. I'll take this week off work for sure and see how I am next week.

Hiya, hope you’re feeling a bit better. The bloating will reduce over the next couple of days and is completely normal so don’t worry. Try to take short walks and if you’re struggling with bowels a mild laxative like lactulose has really helped me after laparoscopies in the past.

Thank you. I'm finding the bloating really uncomfortable so I'm glad to hear that it should subside soon x

Hi Ciara, I’m in the same position. I had my very first laparoscopy on 6th March and I’m still recovering too. I’ve been up and down over the last week, feeling ok and then totally exhausted and sore.

I’m very bloated too. My gas went away after day 2 then returned on day 4/5. It seems to be easing now. I felt so full the first couple of days but now I’m so hungry I can’t stop eating!

My surgeon only offered to sign me off for 3 days and I asked for 1 week. I tried to go back to work today and I was sore and exhausted by 12pm so came home again. We’ve agree to trial half days for this week but I’m honestly wondering if I should be there at all.

I was diagnosed and treated (lasered) for two areas of endometriosis, they told me I also have a large fibroid in my uterus causing it to tilt and that my left Fallopian tube is completely blocked with scar tissue. They told me this while I was really groggy under the influence of the anaesthetic and tramadol and then sent me away with no further info. It’s quite upsetting isn’t it! I thought I’d be back to normal but i suppose my body is healing internally too.

We just have to rest up. I hope you’re feeling ok and you get back to normal soon.

Hannah x

Hi Hannah, it sounds like you've been through a really tough time! Surely you should be off for longer than that if you aren't feeling fully up to going back to work. I was planning on taking it day by day with regards to work but I'm definitely going to take this week off. It's so hard to plan for these things when your recovery is completely dependent on your own body's ability to heal itself x

It’s certainly not been a walk in the park but reading some of the other posts on here it’s not as bad as it could be either. I’m grateful for these platforms as at least you know you’re not alone!

I’m going to put myself first and just take things slowly. I’m more frustrated with not knowing when I’ll get a follow up appointment with a gynaecologist.

It really is a personal journey and your body will take as long as it takes.

Feel better soon x

Thank you, you too x

Totally normal. After all 5 laps I usually have bloated tummy like I’m 6 months pregnant for around 3 weeks. Peppermint tea helps with both the trapped gas and shoulder pain though!

As for time off I’ve been signed off anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks on all 5 laps but everyone is different. After one of my laps I started redecorating my office 2 weeks later - BIG MISTAKE hahaha. Even if it looks okay on the outside there is still a lot needing to heal on the inside and you risk doing yourself some serious harm so take it as easy as possible and be kind to yourself xxxx

5 laps? You poor thing! I'm hoping I won't need another for a very long time judging by the discomfort of this one. It seems that every element of the recovery process is different for everyone so I guess I'll have to wait and see how my body reacts to it all. The pain from the gas has subsided now, but I definitely still feel more gassy than usual. Guess that'll take time to pass too. I'm gonna need to go buy some bigger clothes by the sounds of things x

Hi Ciara, I was exactly the same. It took me a long while to recover. The shoulder pain was the worst part for me. Hot water bottles, peppermint tea and lots of walking helped me.

Take it slow, it’s a bumpy ride but you’ll get there

Hi Pink-Cat, my shoulder pain has gone, but the pain in my lower abdomen was pretty bad yesterday. Going to call the doctor today for advice as one of my wounds doesn't look right either. Hope you're feeling good now!

Hi Ciara, I am back and forth, but much further down the line than you. I had mine a year ago. However having some more pains again, so back to the Drs for me too.

Good luck with the Drs. Make sure they listen to you, it’s your body and you know how you feel. X

Thanks, I'm going to see the doctor later today. Hope you get sorted soon x

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