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Advice for laparoscopy!

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I’ve been booked in for a laparoscopy and was just wondering if anyone had any advice? What to take to hospital? Things to eat after? Any medication that particularly helps? Recovery times? Things that helped you? Thank you!

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Dressing gown glasses case(if you wear glasses) slippers 🤔 I ate chicken soup and toast after 🤔 Because I hate being sick and I get nauseous I wore travel sickness bands which helped a lot 😮 About the recovery time I only had a diagnostic lap it took me 2 weeks to be able to go back to work and another week for my wounds to get better they got infected also my nausea took 3 weeks to go back to normal 😮

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Thanks for your advice! Doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a pleasant recovery! Did you just have time off or was you able to get a sick note?

My work is very funny about hours and owing money! So I don’t want to be off for too long!

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Its not the first few days are the worst 😓 I'm a uni student so I didnt need but you can get a sick note I think it depends on what you have done 🤔 My mum got a 2 week note when she had her gallbladder out but after 2 weeks she got another one from the doctor for another 2 weeks off 😮

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Okay. Thank you for letting me know!

Dressing gown and slippers. Peppermint tea for the gas pain really helped me. I didn’t have much of an appetite at all and couldn’t manage much so just ate little and often. Also have some laxatives in just in case you get constipated afterwards as this makes things even more uncomfortable. Get everything at home sorted and everything you might need or fancy close by as you will be sore for a good few days. Nice comfy loose clothes too. I’m just coming upto a week after mine and feel fine to go back to work but the first few days were a real struggle and I’m sure everyone is different so would say 2 weeks to be safe. X

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Thank you! Will get some of the peppermint tea! Will try and make sure the house is ready! Xx


I had a laparoscopy this past tuesday. I dont know If i have been exceptionally lucky but it has not been bad at all.

I had the surgery tuesday afternoon- spent the night at the hospital and then walked home with my husband the next day after lunch. I was in no pain whatsoever, just moving slower (think 90 yr old lady). Im now on day 5 post op and im fine! Will be going to uni tomorrow, just taking it slower over all.

I also didnt get any gas pains, so that does not have to happen altho ive understood that its common. I took stool softener, and have had a BM every day since day 2 post op. I ate lighter stuff such as yoghurt and soft bread day 1 post op but have since resumed my old diet fully.

All in all- it wasnt so bad! Try not to overthink it too much. I hope your experience can be similar to mine!

Take care

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I hope my experience is like yours! Sounds like you didn’t have any pain at all! Did you have yours done by a specialist?

Thanks for the advice anyway! I’ve read so many horror stories it’s nice to actually read one that went well!

Aw hope it goes ok. For your bag I would recommend slippers, dressing gown, soap/flannel/shower gel in case you end up staying in and want to freshen up. Lip balm (I was on oxygen after my second lap and it made my lips sooo dry!) peppermint tea, some sweets (mints/haribo were my go to). Stick to small meals when you get home, soup and sandwiches etc.

Both of my laps were quite extensive ops - the first I was off work for about 4 weeks and I was off for almost six after the second xxxx

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Samii12x in reply to Sprinkles86

Thank you for the advice!

It’s nice to here what other people take as it reminds me of other things to bring!

Thank you x

I second everyone else's advice on what to bring!

I was off work for 2 weeks, but I could have gone back after about a week and a half. The first few days definitely weren't fun, but my heating pad, Advil, and sleep definitely helped. My endo was quite bad, so I woke up from surgery in less pain than I had before. I felt very sore, and it was difficult to bend over, get out of bed, or just generally use my abdominal muscles. My boyfriend was a huge help, and if you're able to have someone stay around and help you the first 2 days or so it would make things a lot easier. Definitely do smaller meals more frequently. If I ate too much at once I got very uncomfortable, like my incisions were stretching. Whatever your go to comfort foods are, I'd stick with that. I also had quite a bit of nausea, so I stuck with more plain foods the first few days. They also have me a prescription for anti nausea meds, which helped a ton.

I hope it goes well for you!

Thank you for your advuice! My boyfriend is also very supportive and my mum is helping me so I’ve made sure I’ve got some help!

Thanks for the advice x

I'd take a really light book or magazine - something you can just flick through, and maybe a big comfy jumper for after the operation. For after the operation, I felt very nauseous, and I found ginger tea and peppermint tea really helped. I also got the shoulder pain, which I found a hot water bottle helped with. I took about two weeks to go back to work, and maybe three weeks to recover totally?

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Peppermint cordial, preferably hot. The wind in my shoulders was awful and my abdomen, drinking that was literally the best pain relief! Also I have a very bruised bladder, still now 3 weeks later, so lots of ibuprofen and sitting for half an hour on the toilet! x

At the Hospital:

• A loved one

• A phone for entertainment

• Something to read

• Loose loungewear / PJs. Something easy to put on when you leave the hospital.

• A pillow for the car journey home (to sit between your abdomen and the seat belt).

At Home:

• A bed made up downstairs, perhaps on a sofa, with entertainment to hand: remote controls, books, mags, films.

• Things to help release the gas buildup from surgery and the ensuing constipation. Try psyllium husk, Milk of Magnesia, mint tea. Avoid bananas and other constipation causers.

• Ensure the fridge/freezer is stocked with healthy, easy-cook meals.

• Have someone around to cook for you for the first couple of days at home.

• Follow the endo diet. Try the Endo Resolved website.

• Try supplements (Pharma Nord Selenium & Zinc to aid healing; fish oil - I use Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega to reduce inflammation; a multivitamin with minerals - I use Pharma Nord).

Good luck! x

Oh, and hot water bottles. You might want a couple of those.

They wouldn’t fill those in my hospital though. :(

Sorry, I meant you’ll need those for home. x

Thank you for all your advice! Will definitely take it on board! X

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