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Stupid question: Will they mess up my belly button?


Hi, this is going to sound strange but I'm really worried about them making an incision in my belly button during my lap. I'm quite vain about my stomach and although I have heat scars from my hot water bottle, I really like how my belly button looks and I'm scared it'll look different after my lap.

Am I just being stupid to worry about that? I'm really starting to overthink my surgery cos it's just over 2 weeks away now.

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My belly button scar was the biggest but still not hugely noticeable, most of the scar (if not all actually) is set within my belly button rather than coming out of it, if that makes sense. Personally I don't think it's that noticeable. My other three scars look like tiny scratches (6 months post op). Best of luck xx

Thanks for the response :) I'm probably just overthinking it but hope everything is fine once it's done :) x

I remember feeling exactly the same, I worried about everything. I was picturing the biggest scars and was surprised how neat it was once the stitches had been removed.

I understand your worries. For myself, not only I like my belly button, but my belly button is a very sensitive area that I can barely touch myself! So I was very worried!!!

The scars of my first lap 16 years ago have faded completely, including the belly button one.

I’ve just had my second lap and I think it got butchered a little bit more but I think with care (and bio-oil) it will fade away as well and I’ll have a new pretty belly button (tbh I don’t remember how it looked like now!!!!)

If your surgeon is a BSGE expert in laparoscopy - as it should be (if not, please cancel your op), then you’ll be as good as new in a few months (or at least the belly button 💪💪💪💪💪)

Thanks so much for this :) hoping I can keep it pretty much the same. I religiously apply re-gen scar cream to parts of my body anyways so once I'm fully healed I'll just apply that to my stomach too :) x


My bellybutton had 2 stitches, one on like the rim bit which was ripped out by the nurse and made me feel sick for a day or two, and then when I cleaned it I found one at the very bottom which, due to the past experience, I let fall out on its own. Both have healed into small bumps which has changed how it feels, only noticeable when I feel it which makes me feel sicker now than it did before! I don't think it looks noticeable from the outside but mines an innie, might be different for an outie! x

It's a natural worry and normal part of mental process you go through. I remember having the same thought being kind of fond of mine. This link should be a close up photo of my belly button which (hopefully) will be reassuring. You can see them close up but from any normal distance my two scars are pretty imperceptible. It was an effort to find an angle where they showed this much.

I have now had two surgeries. The first my diagnostic lap is the faint shorter white line in the right. The op was Dec before last so 14 months ago. The pinker longer slightly raised, less tidy line is from my major excision op last July so 7 months, which was by all accounts difficult and took 5 hours so a lot more rummaging was involved. The first I used bio oil intermittently. By the time of the second to be honest I had far bigger things to contend with so haven't bothered.

Emotionally after the first op I had a phase of euww ill never be the same again but now they just feel like part of me. A sign of what I've been through and I'm proud of them in a way.

Thanks for the photo, they seem quite light so would probably be easy to not notice, thank you x

Hey, to be honest I preferred mine afterwards! :) seems much neater and tighter now however crazy that might sound. :)

cmbxm in reply to brightbunny

I get this 😱 my belly button looked awful before, I feel like it’s nipped it in and made it look neater, thought I was a bit crazy, kept showing my friends and family my bellybutton asking if they could see the difference 😂 x

Magsiemoomoo in reply to cmbxm

Ha ha this made me laugh as I was exactly the same, my belly button pre surgery was quite large and you could lose your little finger in it as deep as well!

Post surgery I have the cutest nipped and tucked belly button and I also kept showing it to friend 😂 they all thought I was mad x

I have tiny scars around my belly button, I don’t think they have ever even been noticed, I’ve even had my daughter since the majority of my laps and it didn’t make them any worse. It will be fine I’m sure. I can’t wait for my next scar as this will mean hopefully less or no pain anymore for me. Good luck 😊

Yeah I won't mind scars further down as long as this surgery helps with my pain xx

No it’s perfectly normal to think that way love !!! I was so concerned about the way mine will turn out Becuase I loved my stomach my favourite part of my body ( even though it’s constantly bloated ) luckily for me I warned my surgeon of how much I hated scars and she took that into consideration I guess because my belly button looks the same it just has a small knot shape at the bottom but you can’t tell I’ve had surgery unless you look at my lovely 3 scars below xxxx so don’t worry

That's good then, thank you :) xx

I don't know about everyone else, but the scar on my bellybutton is so thin you can't even see it! My other two scars are thicker and darker, but the one on my bellybutton had pretty much vanished at about four weeks post op... It depends obviously on the surgeon and the nature of the surgery, but they're often very careful and mindful of scarring - make sure you tell your surgeon if you're worried, and I'm sure they'll take special care of you! All the best xx

Thank you, that's put me a bit more at ease :) xxx

my belly button scar was the most invisible. i can’t even tell where it is. :) sending you positive vibes!


Had my lap on Saturday and my bellybutton looks fine! The wound is small and hidden inside. Just need to get rid of these flipping gas pains now...

i had the same concern, and i felt crazy about it! i think it looks slightly different (and feels different, if that makes sense?), but it's really barely noticeable. rest assured that it's a totally normal worry, though!

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