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Losing the will!!! Should I go private?

Hi all. I have had what seem like endo symptoms since I had two miscarriages last June/July.

Lower left pelvic pain feeling like ‘tugging’ starts around ovulation, stops then come back a week before periods

Irregular periods

Brown discharge /spotting between periods

Heavier/longer periods every few months

Pain under my left ribs

I had none of these before my miscarriages but have been to the doctor 6 times this year

PCOS all clear

Cervical Cancer all clear

Swabs/ blood tests clear

I can’t get pregnant.

Anyone had this after a miscarriage? I know it’s positive I’ve been able to get pregnant twice (not trying) but I’m getting really upset and anxious now.

Anyone found out late? I’m 34? Xxxx

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Hi Cbearconfused,

I am sorry to hear you are suffering.

You might find the following information document useful: endometriosis-uk.org/sites/...

You might also find the information on our website about getting a diagnosis helpful as well: endometriosis-uk.org/gettin... Lot's of women find keeping a diary of symptoms helpful to have to hand when they visit their Dr. Here is a symptom diary we have created for you to use: endometriosis-uk.org/sites/...

Best wishes and please always remember Endometriosis UK is here to support you, we have a range of support services available including our helpline 0808 808 2227 endometriosis-uk.org/get-su...

M Mary, Endometriosis UK


Hi sorry to hear what your going through must be horrible. But I would definitely go private the sooner you find out what's going on the better, and privately you can get your answer ASAP x


It’s just awful what we go through. I really feel for you. I would defiantly recommend seeing a gynaecologist private. I have been twice to see one. You can ask your GP to refer you and ask for private. In Wales I paid £190 and he was really good x


Thanks for the replies. I don’t have much pain at all and my periods have been normal up until last year so I’m trying to convince myself it’s something to do with my miscarriages. Trying to avoid it!! :-(


If you can afford a private expert, I would urge you to arrange that to spare yourself the hassle.

You need to state that you suspect endometriosis. It rarely occurs to them. I had to really push on that via the NHS and at times, my suggestion of endometriosis was dismissed outright by hospital gynaecologists. As soon as an expert NHS consultant saw my notes detailing my symptoms, he referred me for surgery. Most gynaes aren’t endo aware and it causes women so much suffering.

My periods became irregular when I had an ovarian cyst. It was a problem cyst that eventually burst. It caused a pelvic dragging pain. Again, the suggestion of a cyst was dismissed outright by two gynaes.

The laparoscopy confirmed endometriosis and a cyst.

Whomever you go to, make sure they have a great reputation and an understanding of endometriosis.

Good luck. x


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