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Pain after exercising?


Hi ladies, I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else has this issue. I used to be relatively fit and healthy, going the gym / high intensity interval training classes and a size 10 but the last three years my periods and stomach problems have got worse and I’ve put on about 3.5 stone and gone to a size 16. I suffer with extreme bloating where my tummy balloons out, and I’m currently on a waiting list for a laparoscopy to determine if I have endo. I’ve been trying to eat healthy and exercise to lose weight, but I’m getting a lot of pain after exercise. I know what muscle soreness is like and the aching pain from a hard workout because I used to get this, but this is different. The other day I did two hours of cleaning and could barely walk after, and today a 30 minute power walk on my lunch break has left me in bed this evening in a lot of pain in my hips / Pelvis / legs and lower back. I want to exercise to help with the weight loss but it seems to be making my symptoms worse rather than help :( I’ve been trying to push through the pain for a while now and stick to the exercise but I’m exhausted a lot of the time..any advice or similar experiences? Thank you x

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Hey! I can’t say I’ve had this but my mother in law suffers with fibromyalgia and felt like she could never excersise, she’s been doing yoga with Adrienne on YouTube and it’s so low impact and she’s losing weight.

Another tip is to cut out or limit alcohol and do low fodmap diet !! The low fodmap diet helps me so much.

I also take flaxseed oil capsules and that helps with the pain

Sending you healing vibes I hope u find some respite it is not easy living with chronic pain :(

F x

Dartmouth93 in reply to Flicque

Hey thank you for replying, I’ve heard about fibromyalgia my bf actual said is it possible I could have that..recently discovered yoga with Adrienne she’s great. I think because I used to do such high intensity workouts I find it hard to do more chilled ones but i need to just accept that it’s still exercise and good for my body..thank you xx

I don't get pain anywhere near what you are describing but i have two lil endometrima and if i do any intense cardio i get intense cramping. However slow controlled strength training (using bodyweight) seems to be ok and gentle walking.

Dartmouth93 in reply to Cammmie

Hiya thanks for the advice, I’m trying to just walk for now and I’ve got some resistance bands and weights at home I think slow and controlled movements might help I will try xx

I have adenomyosis and am currently waiting for a laparoscopy to see if I also have endo. I have noticed over the last 4 ish years that when running I get a deep pulling pain which makes exercising painful and difficult. This pain can last a day or so after and really puts me off wanting to do any higher intensity exercise. I do go for long walks regularly. It would be interesting to know whether others suffer with this.

Heya, yeah I think a deep pulling pain is a good way to describe it, I feel like something is ripping almost. I get that in my lower tummy, but then the pain everywhere else hips / legs / back is like a growing pain xx

Yep it feels like pain radiating down the hips and legs and my back aches in the arch at the bottom. It all really puts you off exercise doesn't it. I've been getting it all on long active walks recently so just try and take it a bit easy. But still in pain the next day from it 😞 xx

That’s exactly how I would describe it! The arch of my back gets really tender too so it really hurts if I just lightly press on it xx

Hi sorry to hear you are suffering

I also get major pain after working out and I tried to go on a morning jog but I’ve noticed the day time of my morning jog I start bleeding ... so had to stop that

Heya thanks for your reply, it’s hard isn’t it trying to find some form of exercise that works for you 🙁 xx

100% like it doesn’t take over our lives enough...

I get the same problem! I'm usually fine during the exercise, but I pay the price afterwards. Abdominal cramps, back ache, sore hips, etc. I've been much better since I started using CBD oil and had the Mirena coil - don't get exercise induced pain as often and the CBD has drastically reduced the amount of pain killers I take. I'd recommend CBD time and time again. I buy the 15% strength oil from Endoca. Look them up and see what you think - expensive but effective.

That’s exactly what happpens with me it’s mainly the aftermath! Thank you for the recommendation I’ll defo look it up xx

Endo is such a weird condition! I used to do whatever I wanted :eat what I wanted, walk, cycle, swim, yoga ga/Pilates. But endo has made me put the brakes on everything! So, to control IBS, bloating, tummy pains, I have put myself on an exclusion diet free from : gluten, dairy, soya, caffeine, chocolate, brown rice, hot spices, tomato purée. It has helped with the pain, bloating. I also do a bit of walking and cycling, places where I feel safe should something happen (as it did and I was completely on my own in pain) or with my husband. I can also find yoga designed for endo/fibroids and they are great exercises. I have learnt to not push myself as otherwise I am in pain, I space myself, have reduced my to-do list, have a snack every 2 hours to keep the blood sugar level otherwise I feel washed out. Its a steep learning curve. To stop, give yourself a bit of time, meditate will help your body relax and you will feel better for it. Hope you find what works for you.

Thank you for sharing your experiences And advice, I think it’s defo about trying to find something which works for you. I’m currently trying to be gluten free but have thought about Trying dairy free as well xx

Soya is a nasty culprit and, unfortunately, chocolate contains both milk AND soya, hence I buy vegan chocolate, although I am not a vegan. My tummy reacts to both of them, so... 🙄 But the vegan chocolate is really nice, my hubby found it online for me. 😊 Take care.

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