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Finally some way forward

Not posted for a goodly while. Yesterday I finally got a 2nd opinion regarding our difficulties with conceiving and my potential hydrosalpinx. Saw a great consultant this time who didn’t hesitate to get me booked for a lap to investigate the possible endo and remove if possible. He will also remove my damaged tube and run the dye test for the other tube. Got a 2-3month wait but great he will do this without us needing to pay privately before we go for ivf as unable to get that on nhs due to my age. Although it’s taken 4.5months to see this consultant I feel more confident at last.

Anyone happy to share their lap / removal of tube stories - especially recovery time etc please. Thanks for reading. xx

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I had both of my tubes removed in October. I have stage 4 endo (with bowel inclusion) and my tubes were very badly damaged and harbouring nasty fluid in them which caused a lot of irritation and pain.

Mine were removed with a laparoscopy. I went home the same day but had a about a week of feeling pretty rubbish (was mostly in bed) and in total 6 weeks off work. I found it quite hard to deal with emotionally, but got there in the end. We do have one last good shot at IVF now, but we will have to pay for due to my age.

Positives for me are the grumbling pain I had all month long has gone and my periods are a little lighter so it has made a worthwhile difference.

My biggest tip... get a bottle of full fat coke for after the op. It helps disburse the air they pump into you during the op and settles the tummy to! It was my absoloute savior!

Hope your op goes well. I had a 6 month wait for mine, but was worth it in the end.



That’s so useful and I love the coke tip! Will remember that.

Wow that’s longer than I imagined. Guess I’ll find out more at pre-op from what consultant said yesterday. I’m a teacher so up and down on my feet all day - certainly can’t ‘take it easy’ once at work!

Thank you for taking the time to respond.


I too figured I would be back at work fairly promptly, but you will need to be prepared to take it easy for a good few weeks. Tube removal takes some recovery time, after all you are having internal organs removed.

My initial sign off time from hospital was 4 weeks but I just wasn't ready. Everyones different of course, so see how you go. Don't try to do too much too quickly. If you want to do IVF then you need to allow time for healing properly to give you the best possible chance.

Good luck. X



I had 4 failed IVF so decided to have another laparoscopy (had one via nhs 3 years previous, was always told that endo would not affect IVF success) I had a laparoscopy which i paid for privately, best money ever spent, Dr Sarridogan was my Consultant. He removed all the endo, said i could start trying after 4 weeks, i fell pregnant naturally the next month.

Fingers crossed for you! I hope it’s the key to your success it was to mine.


That’s amazing! Thank you so much for this positive news and your kind wishes xx


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